Its Jeff Bridgemas time!

Happy holiday season everyone! As the winter weather gets colder.. you tend to enjoy keeping warm those winter nights snuggled up in your favorite blanket watching holiday classics.. well for me it has been a Jeff Bridges christmas as he is starring in a lot of releases this december season. Tron: Legacy and True Grit. Two movies I am excited to see.. so id thought I would do reviews on some of my favorite Jeff Bridges movies. Of course being two classic films such as Tron and The Big Lewbowski. Let’s begin shall we?!

Tron was a huge impact to me as a little kid I loved the special effects and now I feel spoiled as a adult with better cg graphics and film effects. Tron tells the story of Kevin Flynn.. a washed up encom employee turned hit arcade owner who had his greatest ideas stolen from him by another coworker who is now the senior vice president of the company. Vowing that he wants evidence of that he created the program that spawned such a arcade hit, his friends Alan and I forgot the ladies name help Kevin infiltrate Encom’s building so he could get the evidence he needed.. cue thinking it was a good idea to have kevin hidden in a LASER BAY to hack into the MCP or Master Control Program to get into the system.. well Mr MCP doesn’t play that way and zaps Flynn with a laser beam and digitally transports him into the digital world of computers.. now your thinking.. OMG its gonna be like the tron legacy trailer! All that action! ..nope its kinda basic.. but in a fun basic you would have might seen in the 80’s flynn gets picked up by the guards and shuffled into a cell to play grid games until he gets derezzed. Or a way to describe it DIE enter flynn getting a peptalk from the villian Sark who is derringer in the digital world.. who knew that your programs would look like you and they meet TRON who seems like a video game badass.. flinging his disk around like a pro derezzing people. He fights for the USERS who are in a religious sense thought of gods. I don’t want to spoil the rest.. but see this movie at least before you go see tron legacy.. its a good refresher

And on to my other simple review of The Big Lewbowski..

Life is like a bowling alley.. you get your gutters, strikes and spares.. sometimes things split in the end.. but the metaphor is to say FARKIT let’s go bowling..

I hope my reviews enlightened you in seeing either of these movies they are quite the classic movies!

Till next time! Which will be my review of the videogame Tron: Evolution! As well as the movie! 😀