The Conclusion of Jeff Bridgemas! – True Grit

As 2010 retires for the year we look back at awesome movies and video games of the year, as I havent really done a Video game review of 2010 and leaving that up to Sibby, I will finish what I started as I call the famous Holiday, Jeff Bridgemas. The Last movie of my mini-series that I will review is True Grit. A remake of the 1969 classic starring John Wayne, Jeff Bridges plays the role of Rooster Cogburn a rough and tough rugged Us Marshal who has a drinking problem. The whole story is not about him, but is about a girl named mattie who has a vengance against a outlaw named Tom Chaney who shot and killed her father, – Mattie finds rooster and hires him to track down the killer and is met up with a texas ranger named LaBoeuf who wants chaney for his own purposes as he was also wanted in texas, The unlikely trio, a girl who continues on against the wills of rooster and Laboeuf as each character happens to have there ”Grit” Tested.

Characters: The characters in the storyline really kept it going in a good pace – Jeff Bridges Gruffness to Matt Damon’s good ol Texas boy style to the rough outlawness of Lucky Ned as well as Tom Chaney, But the one character that really stole the show was definitely Mattie Ross – Played by Hailee Steinfield for being that young, and appearing in a coen brothers movie, AND holding her own with acting with those vast lines of dialogue, I would be really suprised if she did not recieve any nominations for awards next year.

Music: Awesome, Must get the soundtrack

Plot: for a western its pretty much not edge of your seat action but it kept the storyline going real well, a few graphic scenes, and some hilarious Humor, you need to at least see it once

Comparison of Old Vs New: This is the tough grit of the film – the orginal was right along the plot of the book, and the new remake was a nod to the book as well, the only picky bit was in the original and book, Laboeuf happens to die from the rock blow to his head, in the new film he happens to survive.

Summary: If you quite enjoy the western please go see this movie, it was quite enjoyable and was hilarious at times as well.. 9/10

And there you have it! Jeff Bridgemas has been completed I have left out certain movies starring Jeff Bridges like Starman and The Fisher King, but I have yet to see them, but they are Definitely in my queue for netflix to check out later on and possibly review later,

Dont think im done yet! Its a New Year.. which means New Reviews.. and New Movies! Next up on my dish is a Five film review or as I call it..

Coen New Year.. – Coming soon! 5 Movie Reviews of Coen Brothers Movies, Fargo, O Brother where art thou? , Raising Arizona, The Hudsucker Proxy and My personal favorite, No Country for Old Men.

Till Next time kids! Be safe, Enjoy movies and Merry Bridgemas!

By the way, this is off topic to my reviews but sibby and kirby and monk, if I hear any of you say the word Epic in any of your posts again.. im going to make a Epic Fail Jar you have to put money in for every time you say those stupid words XD

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