Dashi Game Reviews: Homefront And Portal 2!

Hey everyone, Dashi from aniRAGE here. I’ve been pretty busy trying to power marathon through games when I get off work, and I’m here to review two games that I have completed and I guarantee that they are spoiler free so you can still enjoy them. I also will give my opinion on if you wish to add these titles to your collection, or do the smart thing and rent them through gamefly. Now onto our first game review: Homefront!

Homefront was a interesting story with a cookie cutter call of duty styled gameplay element which left me with a bitter burnt taste at the end. “Home is where the war is” was there quote on how the game would be. Well that sure happened, so lets revisit the WHAT IF machine to see what would happen if: North and South Korea united, then our whole global economy collapsed going into the toilet, including making gas 20$ a gallon as well as having a bird flu epedemic that kills millions AND then they went ”You know what? Lets invade America by using a EMP we had hidden in our Peace Satellite!” I’m not kidding, they EMP’d America with using a “peace” satellite. Oh well, let’s go shoot something! Get revenge on those guys for thinking they could take over our America! And now lets get on with our storyline.

You are Robert Jacobs, average tough military guy who was going to a emprisonment camp to get brainwashed to fly planes for the bad guy, sound typical right? Your bus gets slammed by a RPG and you get saved… by the resistance! Hurrah! Because your a helicopter pilot – cuing the rest of the storyline with spoilers so basicly go after a fuel supply to capture for yourself which ends up with a final epic battle across the san fransico bridge – sounds thrilling right? Well the ending is lackluster, no resolution, bascily just displays the logo and the catchphrase which means possible sequel! I did not bother to play the multiplayer because I got it from gamefly and im not a huge fan of multiplayer.

I give Homefront a 7 out of 10. It had a alright storyline but it felt lackluster. It had those pain in the butt firefights that you cursed up and down like a sailor if you messed up and had to go through. Some of the battles took me 3-4 times to beat. If you happen to love escort missions where you have to defend certain equipment like tankers while you are in a helicopter or a robotic tank while using a sniper rifle, then this is up your alley. I would say on renting or buying this game, rent it through gamefly unless you like multiplayer, then go ahead and purchase the game as I heard the multiplayer was really good.

Since we got that manly FPS muscle flexed, lets go ahead and go with our other review and get some brain activity going with Portal 2: Electric Boogaloo.

We resume after being left off from portal as puzzle solver Chell, who was placed in stasis for about seveal hundred years after the first ending, being greeted by Wheatley, who is a intelligent core. Voiced by British ”The Office” star Stephen Merchant, who does a FANTASTIC performance, you travel with Wheatley through the outskirts of a barren abandoned Aperture Labs as GLaDOS has been shutdown since your last encounter. After finding a easily left out portal gun and trying to escape via escape pod you unfortinately flick all the switches that put GLaDOS back online. She is not really happy to see you. She captures and then puts you through another vigorous romp through 19 levels of fun portal testing. After a while, with Wheatley’s help, you escape and sabotage the labs by switching turrets with defective ones and cut/disable the nurotoxin container so she cannot flood the chamber with gas on your final fight. You defeat GLaDOS and replace her core with his in the main system which seems to be fine…until he gets ego happy and gains insane amounts of power and banishes you and GLaDOS to the distant barrens of Aperture Science in the center of the Earth. Now you will be going through the three testing stages of Aperture when it first came out, Alpha – 1951 , Beta – 1971 , and Gamma – 1981, where you meet / mostly listen to Aperture Science’s owner and founder Cave Johnson, who is voiced by J.K. Simmons. You fight past all the new tests as well as learning of new gels they have. You return to Wheatley Laboratories where you do the final confrontation / showdown and amazing ending with Wheatley. I have yet to review coop so that will definitely be something that I need to do as a follow-up in the near future.

I give portal 2 a 10/10 as it is a amazing successor to the first one that keeps your gripped with a amazing storyline, awesome voice acting, intriging easter eggs, as well as replay value with the developers commentary and the remaining trophys. Will I add this to my collection? Oh yes, just because of the fact that I could play it on my PS3, as well as on my PC.

And there you have it! 2 games down I wanted to review! For a upcoming teaser of what im going to review next is going to be – Call Of Duty: Black Ops, La Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, and some games from my personal collection which are a suprise.

Till Next time!



Hey guys, Zeke here!

We have an awesome project in the works, and we need YOUR HELP to make it happen!

Have you ever played a video game, or watched an anime, and thought to yourself…How the hell is THAT supposed to work? Wonder how sonic goes faster by curling up into a ball? Curious to know why a turtle shoots out of it’s shell when mario jumps on it’s head? Ever wondered how cities got rebuilt so quickly after a Power Ranger battle?

Well we’re here to help you out! Just send your questions to zeke@anirage.com and if it’s good, you might just see it online! We’ve already got some great suggestions so far, but we always need more!

And remember, you can always catch up with us on Facebook and Twitter! And don’t forget to check out all our great videos on Youtube and “aniRAGE TV on Blip.tv.

And as always, you can keep up with the latest aniRAGE news here on aniRAGE.com! Until next time!


Whose Line is it aniRAGE? at EXP Con 2010 – Ask aniRAGE!

Hey everbody! We have a special surprise for you tonight. Somehow, way back after EXP Con 2010, I forgot to upload Ask aniRAGE! So here’s a special treat! Enjoy! And while you are at it, check out the entire EXP Con 2010 performance at: THIS PAGE!.

It’s our favorite way to end the day! ;It’s Ask aniRAGE!

And now a word from your photographer

Hey everyone! Your favorite photographer here giving you a photo update!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks starting from Freecon, a trip to visit family, then a birthday photoshoot!¬† So now that we finally aren’t swamped with as much I’m happy to say that we will begin working on getting those Freecon pics up soon!

Also, I’ve decided to start a weekly spotlight photo from conventions we’ve been to. So be sure to check back often to see it!

Until next time, Everyone!


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Dashi Has Gamefly!: Lets Review Titles He Has Rented! As Well as his own collection!

I have literally  grown up playing video games and one of my favorite categories has to be First Person Shooters. I can thank my uncle for that, when I was about 7-8 Years old and he installed Doom and Doom 2 on my Pc I had at my house. Since then I have been addicted to playing FPS Games such as Duke Nukem 3d, The Quake Saga, as well as older never heard of titles like Shadow Warrior and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

Now these days I don’t play as much online multiplayer as I used to anymore. I cant really get into playing multiplayer since I got into enjoying MAG and I don’t feel like yelling at a bunch of 12 year olds who think they have 16 inch long egos. But I do tend to like a good FPS story to keep me enthralled while I push on thinking these squad mates are my real life friends, raging when I die and then laughing like a maniac when I get that ultimate weapon in the game to give them Hell for all the times that I was tired at 3 am and I make one STUPID mistake and die like a idiot.

Well, in the upcoming months I plan to review a bunch of games from my own personal collection that I have, what I rent on Gamefly, as well as pick up to own later down the line Like Duke Nukem Forever, La Noire, as well as The Darkness 2. As a spoiler, here are a list of games that I really REALLY wish to review as soon as possible, so expect this to be maybe a daily to weekly bit as my first review will be on that Sleeper FPS Hit – Homefront which I will update later tonight with a synopsis, review, and opinion of this game to save you money or make you go out and buy it!

Till next time! Ok…later tonight after new Doctor Who on BBC America, which would be possibly 9-10pm eastern time.

BTW if I did not express it enough..


Happy Easter guys! Don’t eat too many peeps and wait till Monday to reap the sugary benefits when they are on sale…thats what I do.


Zeke’s Top 5 Hottest Poke-Babes

Top 5 Pokemon Babes

Pokemon has some hot chicas, and everybody has their favorites. But this here list is all mine. If you have your own favorites, feel free to add them in the comments!


#5: Flannery

She’s a red-hot red-head in every sense of the world. Being the fire-trainer of the Hoenn region, she lives up to her specialized Pokemon type to a T. Fiesty, fiery, and fun-loving.

#4: Dawn/Platinum

The lead female of the fourth generation games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Dawn is energetic, kind-hearted, and eager to please. Unlike some of the other, more scantily glad chicks in anime, Dawn definitely gives off that “girl next door” look, which makes sense since that’s exactly what she is!


#3: Sabrina (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

When we first ran into Sabrina in the first two games, she was just a little girl with a lot of psychic power. Now she’s all grown up, and all for the better. Of course, you better treat her like a lady or she’ll make you dance like a puppet.

#2: Nurse Joy

Let’s get past the fake that she wears that nurse outfit. Let’s get past the fact that she has fifty billion identical cousins/sisters/whatever. She’s a nurse, guys. A nurse. And she can cure what ails ya.

Nurse Joy

#1: Misty (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

While the Misty that most everyone recognizes and loves, I’ve always been partial to the older, more mature Misty. Doesn’t help that I think Red/Ash/whatever should always be with his original gal-pal, Misty was fiesty, always willing to show her best, and prove she that anything you can do, she can do better.


Upcoming aniRAGE Awesomeness.

Freecon is in the books! That’s right, after many hours of travel, and a fun day of running around like fools, aniRAGE rocked the house with our Whose Line is it aniRAGE? show! We debuted not just one, not two, but THREE new games at the show: Banned Letter, 1 3 5 Any, and Interrogation! We hope to have a video compilation of the performance up soon, and stay tuned for some great pictures not only from Megacon but Freecon as well!

Next up in the schedule is Anime Day Jacksonville! The Jax crew of aniRAGE is going to be making an appearance, hanging out with the con goers, passing out flyers and business cards, and snapping pictures! Of course, where there is aniRAGE there are cameras and camcorders, so you never know what is going to happen! Keep your eyes peeled for the guys in the aniRAGE shirts, you never know when you might find yourself on the net!

Of course, coming up in a few short months is Metrocon 2011. Zeke and Kayla have press badges, so they will be there to document the whole weekend with pictures and videos aplenty! Make sure to make it down to Tampa for what will surely be a great weekend. Our good friend Ashley Clark will be there with Fairytale Theater, and some awesome people we met at ShadoCon (Kara Edwards and Kyle Herbert) will be guests! And returning this year are Scott McNeil, Brad Swaile, KellyJane and TealPirate, Yaya Han, and more! Another two big guests coming are Crispin Freeman (I can still hear Kayla squealing in the background now) and Max Brooks (writer of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide, son of legendary Mel Brooks). It’s a great lineup, so make sure to look for aniRAGE!

We have some great stuff in the works for all of you, and we can’t wait to announce some excellent new projects! So stay tuned here at anirage.com, and make sure to check us out on the web elsewhere at twitter(@aniragecomedy) and facebook(facebook.com/anirage)!


Free + Convention = An amazing trip

Goodness… WHAT A TRIP! Got back from Freecon early Sunday morning and decided to take the time to rest. However, now that I’m feeling rested, I just have to say what an absolutely FANTASTIC TIME we had while we were there! It was truely wonderful to see all the cosplayers and get to talk to people both new and old. There was so much going on! Everything from it’s free maid/butler cafe to it’s great panels and back around again to it’s dealers room/artist alley. Certainly, things were a bit small and the convention took place between two buildings, but it only served to get me pumped for whom or what I might find around the next bin. And, as an added bonus, there was a Japanese culture fair going on at THE SAME TIME in their second building, so there was many beautiful kimonos, Japanese crafts, Dancing/story telling, and a most WONDERFUL charity that was excepting donations to help the folks whom were hurt over in Japan by both the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown that (Thank God) they have just about under control.

I, also, saw alot of people I haven’t seen in a while. Alot, of which, were extremely friendly and made me feel like we hadn’t ever had to part ways. It was EXTREMELY GOOD to see everyone. So, with all of this awesome, what could we do for the con in return? Well, we ROCKED the convention by offering one heck of a great show! The audience particpation was high as well as the comedy and I don’t think there was ANYONE whom didn’t leave main events with a smile on their faces. So, in short, Freecon was/is an incredible convention that, we here at aniRAGE, will be looking forward to returning to and performing at again, next year! Till then, though, stay tuned as we will shortly have both video and pictures up from Freecon and watch for us to be at Metrocon, this year! Can’t WAIT to rock the show with the folks from Anime Belle. But, until next time, this is the monk: signing out!