Dashi Game Reviews: Homefront And Portal 2!

Hey everyone, Dashi from aniRAGE here. I’ve been pretty busy trying to power marathon through games when I get off work, and I’m here to review two games that I have completed and I guarantee that they are spoiler free so you can still enjoy them. I also will give my opinion on if you wish to add these titles to your collection, or do the smart thing and rent them through gamefly. Now onto our first game review: Homefront!

Homefront was a interesting story with a cookie cutter call of duty styled gameplay element which left me with a bitter burnt taste at the end. “Home is where the war is” was there quote on how the game would be. Well that sure happened, so lets revisit the WHAT IF machine to see what would happen if: North and South Korea united, then our whole global economy collapsed going into the toilet, including making gas 20$ a gallon as well as having a bird flu epedemic that kills millions AND then they went ”You know what? Lets invade America by using a EMP we had hidden in our Peace Satellite!” I’m not kidding, they EMP’d America with using a “peace” satellite. Oh well, let’s go shoot something! Get revenge on those guys for thinking they could take over our America! And now lets get on with our storyline.

You are Robert Jacobs, average tough military guy who was going to a emprisonment camp to get brainwashed to fly planes for the bad guy, sound typical right? Your bus gets slammed by a RPG and you get saved… by the resistance! Hurrah! Because your a helicopter pilot – cuing the rest of the storyline with spoilers so basicly go after a fuel supply to capture for yourself which ends up with a final epic battle across the san fransico bridge – sounds thrilling right? Well the ending is lackluster, no resolution, bascily just displays the logo and the catchphrase which means possible sequel! I did not bother to play the multiplayer because I got it from gamefly and im not a huge fan of multiplayer.

I give Homefront a 7 out of 10. It had a alright storyline but it felt lackluster. It had those pain in the butt firefights that you cursed up and down like a sailor if you messed up and had to go through. Some of the battles took me 3-4 times to beat. If you happen to love escort missions where you have to defend certain equipment like tankers while you are in a helicopter or a robotic tank while using a sniper rifle, then this is up your alley. I would say on renting or buying this game, rent it through gamefly unless you like multiplayer, then go ahead and purchase the game as I heard the multiplayer was really good.

Since we got that manly FPS muscle flexed, lets go ahead and go with our other review and get some brain activity going with Portal 2: Electric Boogaloo.

We resume after being left off from portal as puzzle solver Chell, who was placed in stasis for about seveal hundred years after the first ending, being greeted by Wheatley, who is a intelligent core. Voiced by British ”The Office” star Stephen Merchant, who does a FANTASTIC performance, you travel with Wheatley through the outskirts of a barren abandoned Aperture Labs as GLaDOS has been shutdown since your last encounter. After finding a easily left out portal gun and trying to escape via escape pod you unfortinately flick all the switches that put GLaDOS back online. She is not really happy to see you. She captures and then puts you through another vigorous romp through 19 levels of fun portal testing. After a while, with Wheatley’s help, you escape and sabotage the labs by switching turrets with defective ones and cut/disable the nurotoxin container so she cannot flood the chamber with gas on your final fight. You defeat GLaDOS and replace her core with his in the main system which seems to be fine…until he gets ego happy and gains insane amounts of power and banishes you and GLaDOS to the distant barrens of Aperture Science in the center of the Earth. Now you will be going through the three testing stages of Aperture when it first came out, Alpha – 1951 , Beta – 1971 , and Gamma – 1981, where you meet / mostly listen to Aperture Science’s owner and founder Cave Johnson, who is voiced by J.K. Simmons. You fight past all the new tests as well as learning of new gels they have. You return to Wheatley Laboratories where you do the final confrontation / showdown and amazing ending with Wheatley. I have yet to review coop so that will definitely be something that I need to do as a follow-up in the near future.

I give portal 2 a 10/10 as it is a amazing successor to the first one that keeps your gripped with a amazing storyline, awesome voice acting, intriging easter eggs, as well as replay value with the developers commentary and the remaining trophys. Will I add this to my collection? Oh yes, just because of the fact that I could play it on my PS3, as well as on my PC.

And there you have it! 2 games down I wanted to review! For a upcoming teaser of what im going to review next is going to be – Call Of Duty: Black Ops, La Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, and some games from my personal collection which are a suprise.

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