SLOTW – Holy Clearance, Batman!

Whether it’s replicas, actual props, or whatever fancies the collector, Hollywood memorabillia is a treasure trove and a hobby that’s long loved.  From swords, to movie devices, and sometimes whole set pieces for the maniacal and rich.  It’s a big business, and there’s always a collector for SOMETHING.  While props are special, it’s the functional props that garner the most attention.

I’ve always enjoyed the Batman movies (save for one.  *COUGHGEORGECLOONEYSUCKSCOUGH*), and was ALWAYS fascinated by the complexity with the design and the functions of the Batmobile.  From wondering how the engine worked, to how he got the little gadgets into the car, It’s always been a dream of mine to sit in the driver’s seat and take it for a spin!  Well my dream has been half realized.

Yes you’re not seeing things, it’s a replica of the batmobile!  Best of all, it’s drivable, turbine powered, and COMPLETELY STREET LEGAL!  Now why did I say my dreams were half realized?  Cause on the plus side, the owners of this replica, Putsch Racing, is selling the car on Ebay!  On the down side (and it’s a huge downer for me), it’s on sale for $620,000.  While I’ll never be able to afford to drive it, it’s pretty damn amazing that a working replica can be made available to a serious collector with a lot of cash to spare!  Here’s the original article here.


Now for something a bit more awesome.  If you’re a cosplayer, you’ve no doubt ran into some awesome cosplayers that look great, get all sorts of attention, but have you run into anything like this?


The man behind this little project, Anthony Le, told Popular Science how he built this version of the War Machine costume in time for the premiere of Iron Man 2.  Having been a huge fan of Iron Man since he was a kid, Le wanted to show his fandom when he heard about the production of the first Iron Man  movie in 2008.  The War Machine suit Le built features a motorized spinning gatling gun barrel, LED eyes, and a faceplate that opens up with a small servo motor!  Now once you install the Repulsor motors and make the gun shoot, come to me and we’ll talk financing!