SLOTW – Hey that doesn’t look so scar-*insert blood curdling high pitched scream here*

For those in the dark (the deep, deep dark…), this coming weekend is Halloween!  With that, you’ll get annoying kids dressed up in tacky and bad looking costumes, knocking at your door for the expected candy treatment for going away.  Not to mention the constant sight of pumpkins that would be better suited for pie (and you know I love me some pie!).  Halloween should be reserved for scaring the crap out of those kids, and mutilating those pumkins for your own personal baking and consumption.  With that mindset in mind, I present to you some very scary (and very sweet….. now I want some damn pie!) links of the week!

When you get done with your trick or treating, you and your friends might decide to sit by a campfire or dark room with a flashlight and tell each other ghost stories.  While your stories might be cheesy and sometimes funny or dumb, you always had a good time.  But I’m not quite in the business of funny and stupid…… ok, maybe I am.  But for now, I’ve got a story for you that might trump all the stories you’ve heard as a kid.  It’s scary, blood curdling, and you can view it HERE.

If that didn’t quite elicit a blood curdling scream, you might be able to find something below.  If you want, you can chant along if you know the words…

If  you’ll excuse me, I need to grab a change of underwear, as well as some pants…. also I need a new chair…


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