I swear World War III is going to start in June…

So I was finishing up the last minute details of our trip to MetroCon, when I see that there’s 3 new news additions to the website.  “Okay,” I thought.  “Probably something about the Masquerade or Chess Match or even an announcment about the layout for this year.”  But my eyes did not deceive me when I scrolled down to read the tidbits, and then it hit me….

World War III is 80-90% likely to occur at MetroCon…

Some of the uneducated are wondering “Now why would you say something like that?  That’s perposterous!”  or “You’re an idiot…” (looks at Zeke)  Well, have a seat, and let Uncle Kirby tell you a story that may or may not be true. (Hell, I don’t know if it’s completely true myself, but the prospect of seeing some fun happenings during the con give me hope it is.)

According to rumors that have floated about the Internet for a LONG time (God only knows), the main voice actors for the English dub of Gundam Wing despise each other and can’t stand being in the same place as one another.  While I don’t have full details, the main point seems to either be that during the recording, there was some kind of despute, or there was a bit of a jealousy spike due to the popularity of the characters that drove them apart.  According to the rumors, the only way the GW voice actors will appear at a convention is if there’s a LOT of money involved, and even if that happens, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get along during the con.  So far, Roy Harms has managed to get Marc Hildreth, Scott McNiel, Kirby Morrow, Brad Swaile, and Brian Drummond, all of who played Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Zechs, respectively as guests.  I don’t know HOW Roy pulled it off, but he did, and this is going to be quite an interesting series of events at MetroCon.

Now I don’t know about you, but one side of me would have non-stop giggle fits if fights broke out between the voice actors.  On the other hand, I kinda hope it doesn’t happen, cause I’d hate for an awesome convention like MetroCon to have problems with their guests.

So I’m half-tempted to buy MREs and pass them out should the apocolypse start to happen…  Then again, Ramen might be a safer bet…  MRE’s might give you salmonella or some weird disease.  (Those things need to be burned…)

Oh by the way, if anyone’s wondering why I put the percentage at 80-90%?  Cause they haven’t added Ted Cole to the list…


Happy Easter! and more…

Hey everyone! aniRAGE wants to wish you a Happy Easter (Or as Zeke puts it, Happy Zombie Jesus Day)!  Here’s to insane sugar rushes and colored eggs (Peeps and Chocolate Bunnies FTW!).   And to help celebrate Easter, the Swedes have given the world Lego Jesus!

Sorry for being quiet for quite sometime since Anime Express XI (which we’re still talking about in the inner circle!). We’ve been preparing ourselves for a special project with the folks at Animebelle.com, the Fairytale Theater, which will be premiered at MetroCon in June!  We can’t divulge our roles in the project, but you can read more about it here and here!

Keep tuned for more posts and other fun stuff!


Back from Anime Express!

Hey guys, we just got back safely from Anime Express! We had a good time, and we hope that you had a good time as well! As soon as we’ve had time to get the footage uploaded into the editor, we’ll be churning out videos from the convention! We’d like to personally thank Ashley Clark of AnimeBelle.com for allowing us to host our games in her room (We love you!), as well as Meredith Placko for letting us hang out with her again (We loved your newest costume!), as well as the ERAU Anime Club staff for allowing us to help them make Anime Express a wonderful con!

As soon as we get footage edited and posted, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Until Metrocon!

It’s not fun…

For the past 6 days, I’ve been out of town, a cloak of sadness covering my mind.

Last friday, the 13th, I got news that my grandfather (“PaPa” as the family and I knew him as) passed away suddenly at his home in Monroe, Louisiana.  The cause was supposedly a heart attack to which he didn’t recover.

I was sitting in my room, enjoying a game of Castle Crashers, when a friend of the family called from my PaPa’s house, asking for mother.  I asked what was wrong, but he told me he didn’t know.  Later on, I got a call from mom, with obvious signs that she was crying, and informed me that he had died.  I hung up the phone, proceeding to cry and wail with all of my soul.  I had lost someone dear to me, and I cried.

So my mother and I arrived in Monroe, and we put him to rest.  We cried, we recalled memories of his love and caring nature.  And we even discovered letters between him and MaMa as well.

But all is said and done, and we head home tomorrow.  But as I look back on the events that led to now, I realize that it’s because of not only my PaPa, but my entire family and friends that I do what I do.  I give my support and I give my time with aniRAGE to give our fans and first-time watchers something they won’t soon forget.  I help to give them the gift of laughter and entertainment.

You don’t know what’s lost till it’s not there anymore.  I realize that more than ever.  But I also realize that the memories will never fade if you take time to remember.

In my absence, the new video hasn’t been edited yet.  I apologize for the lateness, and will be getting it edited and uploaded to YouTube before the end of next week.


Now I know why Netflix is awesome.

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give Netflix a chance to impress me. I heard they had a two week trial, which isn’t bad at all, considering that you get a “1 disc at a time” rule, as well as an unlimited “instant play” allowance. In a nutshell, you get 1 disc mailed to you at a time, and you can watch movies online instantly, provided the movie you want to watch is made available to watch online.

I read on how it worked, and basically it works like a queue. You goto the website, and browse through their selection of movies (which I have to say, is quite nice! ) and you add to the queue. The interface is quite easy to navigate through, allowing you to narrow down your selection while browsing. Or you can do a search by movie title, director, or genre, using the search box. I can attest that it works wonderfully!!!

When you find your movie, you simply click “add” to add it to the queue, and based on it’s availability, which you can check on instantly, they’ll mail it to you. And they even send you an email when they ship it to you!

So I decided to have them mail my selection choice of movies, which included:

The Dark Knight
Origin: Spirits of the Past

Now I mention earlier that the trial also allows online viewing as well. So I decided to take advantage of that, too. Unfortunately, my computer doesn’t have the proper connection speed, but I found something better to view it on. It turns out that you can view the online movies from your Xbox 360! I was happy and ecstatic to hear about it. So I go and download the Netflix client on my 360, and add your 360 to the “Netflix Ready devices from your PC (or Mac, if you have one), and you’re ready to go. So I create an “instant” queue the same way I made the DVD queue, and I can view instantly, and I can watch instantly! Keep in mind that you are limited to what’s available for online viewing only. Some movies are both DVD and online queue ready, and others are one or the other.

I can safely say that Netflix is here to stay in my life, and with their soaring profits (I think they made 45% profits last year!) they’re getting better, adding more and more movies to the list. I hope you’ll give them a try.



It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got the new site going it seems!

And OMG, we finally have our own domain name, too!

So I want to thank you for visiting the site!  It’s still a work in progress, since we’re still adding the new sections to the site, as well as getting the kinks worked out of the current sections, including format and whatnot.  So please be patient!  For now, if you want, goto our forums here! http://www.therickonline.com

We hope to have new content posted for you guys in the near future.  We’re set to shoot our newest series of videos very soon, so we hope you’ll enjoy it when we get it posted up, so keep checking the home page for updates and other tidbits!

Until next time!