New Job and Acting Venues for Moi!

So this week is going to be super busy this week!

Not only did I start my new job this week, but I also have a play coming up!

I started training today for my new job at N.E.W. today, beginning with orientation…. and how boring it was! Hour after hour of presentations and orientations with the company. At least most of it was informative. On the plus side, I get free hot chocolate and coffee for free! Whenever I want! I’m a happy man! (well maybe for the hot chocolate, since I don’t drink coffee!

On the other side, I’ve been busy with getting ready for my first theatre production play ever! (other than AnimeBelle’s Fairytale Theater!) The local community theater, Stage Crafters, here in Ft. Walton Beach, is in it’s 35th season, and my first audition ever landed me a role in the play. So come see me perform in all my glory this weekend and next! The dates are:

June 11: 7:30PM
June 12: 7:30PM
June 13: 2:00PM
June 18: 7:30PM
June 19: 7:30PM
June 20: 2:00PM

The venue is the Ft. Walton Beach Municipal Auditorium on Hwy 98 in Ft. Walton Beach, right next to city hall!

I must profusely apologize in advance for not posting for so long. No excuse, but hope to be posting more things to come and also more on a regular basis. Until then!


James Cameron’s next project is WHAT?!?

So the almighty James Cameron, who you know as the director of Avatar (okay seriously, if you don’t know that, come out from under the rock.) already has plans for his next movie! And hearing that there’s going to be an Avatar sequel in the works, I couldn’t help but wonder what stories would come from his mind. So I went to the IMDB on a random thought, and saw that there’s a new movie he’s doing that’s in pre-production. But it wasn’t the next Avatar movie, but instead there was a movie called “Battle Angel.” I wondered to myself “That’s weird, it’s as if it was referring to the anime Battle Angel Alita…” and stared at the screen for about 3 seconds before moving the mouse and…

*click* Yup, it’s an anime remake of Battle Angel Alita.

To be honest, I don’t how I should feel about this. Kinda funny when you think about it. From one standpoint, one of the greatest filmmakers of our time is doing an anime remake! From another standpoint… it’s an anime remake. Anime remakes have been met with mixed results from critics and the public everywhere. We just hope this one does well.


For those who saw Anime XD…

…and were wondering what anime series we were showing, here’s the list for all the world to see!

In Order we showed them!

Dai Mahou Touge
Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses
Dragon Half
Elf Princess Rayne

Hope that answers a LOT of everyone’s questions!

Btw, EXPCon so far is going stupendously great for aniRAGE! Hope to see many future online readers and lurkers! Besides, we definitely love visitors!


EarthBound. Quirky, fun, pop-culture laden, and seriously disturbing (well, at the end, anyways)

If you’re a gamer in the biggest sense (Yes, I’m looking at you) then you might have heard of an SNES RPG called EarthBound.  Heck, some of you might have even played EarthBound.  Or better yet, some of you actually OWNED an actual copy of EarthBound.

For those who don’t know what EarthBound is, gather around and let Mr. Kerby tell you about it.  (This is my longest post ever, btw)

EarthBound (also known as Mother 2) was relesed in the U.S. on August 27, 1994 (which would almost make it 15 years since it’s release), for the SNES, but to a very low commercial success.  However, that didn’t mean the game wasn’t good.  Created by Shigesato Itoi, EarthBound tells the story of a young boy named Ness, who lives in the town of Onett.  After a Meteorite crashes near his home, he is thrust into a story that will forever change his life.  Gifted with PSI powers, he embarks on a journey to stop the evil Giygas from destroying the entire earth.  On his way, he meets the lovely and similarly gifted Paula, the technical genius Jeff, and the eastern prince, Poo.

Sounds like a typical fantasy set in the past, doesn’t it?  Far from it.  It is actually set in 199x, in modern times, and completely changes the dynamic of the game henceforth.  Instead of swords and magic wands, you fight with baseball bats, frying pans, and yo-yos, fighting through cities, embarking on roadside adventures, and much more.  And what game has you battling New Age Hippies, super-powered ants, and giant, sentient piles of vomit (An actual boss in this game)?  EarthBound, that’s what.  The pop-culture references and humor add to the depth of the game, and the game’s locations often make you remember the trips you either went on, or always wanted to go on.  EarthBound pretty much made fun of the entire RPG genre, so to speak.  All this, and the goal is to thwart a humongous threat to the earth, to boot.

Ness’ task is to gather the eight melodies, with the help of his friends, and use them to defeat the evil Giygas.  One section takes you through a zombie and ghost-infested town, another takes you through a sandy wasteland.  But it even takes an even weird turn as you also go through an alternate universe, as well as your own mind.  You got to see ancient dinosaurs and what is made to be Stonehenge.

And the music was just as different as the gameplay was.  Its catchy, poppy tunes and Jazzy blues jingles kept you wanting more.  It felt real good to wail on a hippy while listening to beachy music that sounds like something the Beach Boys would have written.  The music matched the mood of every part of the story, and you would feel so empty without it.

But while the fun almost never seemed to stop, the game also had it’s dark side.  An extremely disturbing dark side to it…

*pulls out a flashlight and turns it on, pointing it at his chin upwards, cheesy ghost story style*

Giygas himself…

“Yes, he’s the villain.  Of course he’s going to be dark and scary right?  He’s the ultimate goal!  Beat him and evil is twharted!”

Yes, all that is absolutely true.  But what not many people realize is that the dark and scary part is quite possibly the ultimate understatement.

What Giygas does to you, not the player, but you, is what scares me.  The fight with Giygas (the longest fight in the game, I believe) is the scariest part of this game.  The fight rapes your mind with a sharp, yet dull stick, pulls it out through your nose, and non-chalantly flings it onto the hot pavement to stew in the sun.  I suppose you’re asking why?  Why is it that scary?  First off, you have to understand the backstory to this guy.

Giygas is the ultimate evil.  He doesn’t have form, and he has lost capacity for rational thought, whose own body and mind were destroyed by his own power.  This is revealed to you during the fight by your rival/ex-best friend, Pokey.  But this is revealed to you as you’ve traveled back in time, with your souls transferred into robots, cut off from the rest of time.  Your party has traveled back in time to destroy Giygas before he became even MORE powerful than he already is, and Pokey tells you he already lost.

What transpires during the fight is a scary scene.  you’re surrounded by nothing but giygas, who nothing more than a wisp of near nothingness, his mind lost to the evil.  Your party “Cannot grasp the true nature of his attack” throughout the whole ordeal, and the only true way to beat him is to pray.  That’s right, you pray that you could ever find a way to beat him.  And when you do, even his death is a scary thing.

It emotionally drains you, makes you wonder what’s wrong with Giygas, since the things Giygas says are totally wacky.  “It hurts… It hurts…” and “I’m h…a…p…p…y…” are scary in themselves, but there’s also the story behind that first line I just mentioned.  The creater, Itoi, as a child, accidentally witnessed a rape scene in a Japanese theater, which scarred him mentally to the point where he incorporated this experience into the final fight.

All in all, it’s a scary-ass fight that still has me scared each time I watch videos of it, or play it myself.

EarthBound is an excellent RPG that no gamer should go without playing, and if you’re brave enough, play to the end.


aniRAGE and SPF team up!

If you haven’t seen the myspace yet, aniRAGE is teaming up with the guys over at Project SPF!

Never heard of Project SPF?  Well you will now!  A couple of their members are good friends of ours, so it only seemed natural that we team up for skits and all around fun!  We haven’t started filming anything yet, but we should hopefully get things going when we get our thinking caps on and get scripts written!  And if you’ve seen their stuff before, they’ve started re-working their past scripts, making them better and funnier then their original version!

And like Zeke said before, we’re trying to get back into the MySpace world once again after so long, so be our friends… please?  Pretty please?


I’m a sucker for funny crap…

For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to know me, I’m a sucker for anything cute, nerdy, or otherwise amusing that you can buy online.  Sometimes I stumble on it by accident, sometimes I look for it on purpose.  You’d be amazed by how the human mind comes up with the weirdest of things to sell.  Whether it’s for show, has a practical use, or is just for your own entertainment (cause boredom is for the weak!)  Either way, it’s still amusing what you find on the internet.

What kinds of things am I talking about?  I’ll show you some example with links galore in case you want to buy them!

1.  Tetris Icecube Tray –  I could probably be backed up by the older, geeky generation when I guess that nerds and geeks back in the 70’s or 80’s weren’t known for throwing awesome mixer parties, unless you count late night “Mountain Dew and Cheetoes” fueled DnD romps in your mom’s basement a mixer party.  But for some unknown reason, the nerds and geeks decided to take a cue from the college party animals and thus the Tetris Icecube tray was born!  Put your pieces in drinks, or play a fun, chilly game of tetris, your choice!  Why does this amuse me?  Cause the thought of bringing a tray of tetris cubes out of the freezer while blasting the Tetris Hardcore Remix on the speakers at a LAN party is too fun to resist in my mind.

2.  Squishy Bowl Set – Combining two of my favorite things in the world.  Bowls, and “squishy”.  Seriously, this isn’t so much amusing as it is awesome.  I keep wanting to buy a set of these things, but apparently the store keeps running out of them.  Why amusing?  Cause my weird-ass brain can only think that somehow this is how Card Crusher got his start.

3.  Survival Bracelet – This goes into the section of “questionable practicality” simply due to the fact that I’m not much of an outdoorsman myself.  Maybe that’s not grounds for that, but damnit, this is my post!  Anyways, this handy little bracelet holds 14 feet of 550lb strength paracord.  Use it to rescue kittens and babies, lasso that wasciwawwy wabbit.  Hell, even rappel down building in a covert operation or reconnaissance (for those non-geeks out there)  This is funny cause of the fact that one, I’ll never have a practical use for this, other than tying Sibby to a la….. okay, you know what, maybe there are a couple of uses I could have for this thing after all!  Yay for practicality!

Yup, I’m a sucker for stupid stuff…  *adds to cart*


10 DAYS!

It’s June 9th, and that means it’s the 10 day warning to MetroCon! aniRAGE is geared up and ready to set off on the drive to Tampa!

For those of you who don’t know, aniRAGE is performing in AnimeBelle’s Fairytale Theater, a debut event at MetroCon! We’re really excited to be part of the event, so if you’re in town, and want to see a beautiful display of Japanese Theater, come check out the event, Saturday, June 20th at 10:00PM in Ballroom A at the Tampa Convention Center!

Hope to see you there!


PS: We’ll be filming new videos after MetroCon! We’re sorry for the LONG wait!

You know, I had no desire to be there, yet I kinda wish I had been there…

So for those of you who don’t know, JACON had their final convention over the weekend, and while I’ve heard some horror stories occuring during the convention weekend (which other than the flooding, I won’t into), there was one story that was the reason I wish I had gone (okay, two reasons).  This post is taken directly from Wedge on the AnimeBelle forums:

“Oh funny story. Angry Gamers Panel. They initially didn’t let “Jesus” in because the room hit capacity, finally someone left and “Jesus” came in. Jesus played a guy in a game of Shaq Fu, and even though Jesus died for his sins the guys wouldn’t die for Jesus’ honor. Then the Super Gameboy would not work, so they called on Jesus who simply put his hands around the thing prayed and then turned it on and voila it worked perfect. Jesus was totally cool.”

One post directly after that mentioned that the panelists tried the “blow on the cartridge method” but that didn’t work either.

I kinda wish I was there to see this, too.  I’ve seen the Angry Gamer Panel (Which is fun as hell to see, btw.  Go check them out when you see them at a con) before and never saw them have this problem before.

Praise Gamer Jesus!!!


Steampunk aniRAGE.

So with MetroCon on the way, we decided to get dressed up for the con!  And with the theme for MetroCon being “Steampunk” we decided to get dressed up for the occasion! Funny part is, we came up with this last night browsing through Home Depot.

The whole discussion came about when rick found a link to a video on how to make your own lightsaber.  I can’t remember the link, but I’ll find it for you later.  So apparently, after seeing images of Star Wars figurines online in a steampunk theme, he suddenly came up with the inspiration last night to make his own steampunk lightsaber and be a “Steampunk Jedi.”

So after rummaging through the Home Depot, and finding all the parts for his device, me and Dashi decide to join him in the fun.

So far, it looks like this:

Rick:  Steampunk Jedi
Kirby:  Steampunk Engineer (Mr. Fix-it)
Dashi: Steampunk Smuggler (ala Hans Solo)

Now all I have to do is find a jacket and suspenders for work pants and whatnot…