Destination: Tampa. Target: Chris Jericho

This Friday, I will have the honor of meeting one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Chris Jericho. He will be doing a book signing in Tampa Florida for his new book: Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps.

Dashi is set to join me, as well as two awesome people we met at ShadoCon this year, Jennifer and Gregory. It’s gonna be a damn-fun time, so if you are a wrestling fan in the Tampa area, try to make it by the Barnes and Nobles on Carrollwood. The signing starts at 7, but wristbands for the event will be handed out at 2. Check out This Link for more info!

I plan on getting him to sign the title page, crossing off “Steps” with “armbars”, but we’ll see!

Oh, and as a teaser…3 anirage members will be in tampa. And there may be a video camera involved. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Updates A Plenty

Hey everbody! Zeke here. I’ve been quiet for far too long, so I want to give you guys an update on some of the things coming up for aniRAGE.

Kerby and I recently finished recording the first ever aniRAGE: Live from Earth podcast! We want to make this your new favorite podcast, so after some editing, we hope to have it out soon! Only the best for our loyal minions. Look for it soon, here at!

Kerby and I are also planning on going to MegaCon next month! That’s right, aniRAGE is coming back to O-Town! We hope to see all of our awesome friends and fans there. We’ll be taking pictures, hanging out, maybe even shooting a video or two! And, if you are really lucky, you might even spot me walking around with my electric guitar! (Note: I have no idea how to play, so if your ears start bleeding, I apologize ahead of time).

Of course, a couple weeks after that is FreeCon 2001 in Tallahassee. aniRAGE will be there with our friends AnimeBelle for some fun games, some Whose Line awesomeness, and all the great stuff you’ve come to love and expect from aniRAGE. So we definitely hope to see all of you there. And why not, it’s FREE(con)!

Soon Kerby will be making his trek from the Emerald Coast to the First Coast of Florida, and joining Miroku and I in Jacksonville. So you can expect some great stuff once he gets over here. I know we are all looking forward to it! So again, stay tuned to!

That’s all from me for now. Catch you guys later.


Coming to a Tampa Near You.

Fresh off an amazing two hour performance that tore the house down, the gracious hosts of ShadoCon have announced not only the dates for ShadoCon Year 2, but has also announced some of the guests!

Returning to the stages this year will be:

  • Doug Walker, from, and better known as The Nostalgia Critic
  • Arin Hanson aka EgoRaptor, creator of the numerous Awesome series.
  • and…
  • most important
  • the amazing
  • epic
  • super-awesome
  • aniRAGE!

That’s right, aniRAGE is coming back to ShadoCon!  It’s taking place November 11th through 13th in Tampa Florida!  They are renting out even more of the hotel this year around, so it’s going to be even bigger and better than before!  That’s some pretty big shoes to fill, but I think they can do it!

So what does aniRAGE have planned?  Well, stay tuned to find out!


SLOTW – Watch as I spell your D.O.O.M.!

It’s no secret that DOOM is largely considered the godfather of the First Person Shooter genre of games.  Released in 1993 by id Software, it popularized and revolutionized this genre of gaming for generations to come.  As controversial as it was, it was also extremely popular.  But more than that, it also allowed customization in the form of custom maps, and even whole new game experiences!

On this edition of Sweet Links of the Week, we delve into one such custom mod for the Doom Engine!  Normally, I’d be writing this under Games to get addicted to, but I’ll explain later in this article.

Created by Logan MTM, Legacy of Suffering is a mod released in November 2009, and took the DOOM mod community by storm, eventually winning the Doomworld’s annual Cacoward for 2009.  The mod combines 3d modeling and textures and scenery that looks and feels borrowed from DOOM 3 (which in all retrospect, is more of a good thing) and the atmosphere is always creepy and sensual.

The sound design is per normal Doom fare, but there are a few awesome additions to make it worthy of play.  For one, it’s one to play through a dark corridor with nothing in the background.  It’s a whole new game when you’re trying to go down a dark corrodidor while you’re hearing demonic and ghostly noises that send shivers down your spine.  The weapon noises did get some changes but are more for the better.  Weapon sounds from DOOM 3 are borrowed for the Chaingun, Plasma gun, Chainsaw, and more!  I won’t spoil which weapons and what changes are in this mod exactly, but in the end, you’ll thank me for it, and you’ll enjoy it so much!

So where can you get this sweet mod?

Why download the mod from the mod team’s website from here!  But be sure to download GZDoom and SkullTag, which is required to play the game.

Happy Demon Killing!  See you next time!