Server Downtime

This weekend I embark on a long journey across the state of Florida.  I will be traveling from Jacksonville to the Pensacola area (Navarre, to be specific) to move the rest of my stuff into my new place.

Part of this move includes the server in which (and, the galleries, the forums, etc) is hosted on.  So during this period of time, the website will be down.  I do apologize for this temporary inconvenience, but once I get it set up in my apartment we should be cooking!

You can always get in touch with us via facebook ( twitter ( and youtube (  And of course email ( etc).

Once I get all moved in and set up, it’ll be TURBO TIME for new videos, blogs, reviews, and what not.  So keep it tuned to!


We Have Reached A Milestone!

It may not be huge, but it definitely means something to me.  This past weekend marked the tenth convention in which we have participated in.  Starting at JaniCon in 2007, anirage has put on shows at: JaniCon 2007, Anime South 2007, Anime Express 2008, Metrocon 2008, EXP Con 2008, Anime South 2009, Anime Express 2009, EXP Con 2009, Anime Express 2010, and EXP Con 2010.  (If you count Fairy Tale Theater at Metrocons 2009 and 2010 then that is 12! but we were helping out Anime Belle with those products, so I won’t include those).

Of those 10 conventions, we have achieved Guest Status at: Anime Express 2008, 2009, 2010, EXP Con 2008, 2009, 2010, and Anime South 2009.

We have been together for over four years, and it’s been a great ride the whole way, and we have no plans on slowing down!  Through our trials and tribulations, we have remained strong and we have so much in store for our fans.

ShadoCon is just around the corner, and we are excited to say that we are bringing Whose Line is it aniRAGE?, Anime XD, and hopefully MAN-ime (where we go from being aniRAGE to being MANirage) to the con attendees.

Keep your eyes on for more great information.  It’s been a great four years, and we shall continue on for four and more!


Mashable Open Web Awards

We’ve decided to throw our name in the hat for the Mashable Open Web Awards, but we need your help!  If you enjoy our blogs, videos, posts, and appearances, please click on either the Mashable banner in the sidebar, or the one in this post, to nominate us.  You can do it once a day, make your vote count!

Tell your friends, coworkers, children, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunt’s and uncles…everyone!


Updates on Upcoming Appearances

Just to keep everyone informed on what’s going up in the future for anIRAGE.

July 23-25: Metrocon 2010! While we won’t be guests, we will be taking part in one of the guest’s (Animebelle) Fairy Tale Theater event. Come witness a great show!

October 8-10: EXP Con 2010! We are guests for the third time this year, and we are excited to go back to St. Augustine! We are still working out what panels we are going to do, but you can bet that we will be bringing Whose Line is it aniRAGE? as well as Anime XD!

November 5-7: Shadocon 2010! The very first ever ShadoCon and aniRAGE will be there as guests! Same deal with EXP, but know that aniRAGE will do it’s best to bring out some great stuff for this first-ever convention!

As always, keep an eye out on the Upcoming Shows tab to stay up to date with all of our appearances and events!


Kerby is on the “Fritz”…

… And, I must say he didn’t do half bad. I, Jenny, Shaggy, Sibby, and Scooby (Shaggy’s lil bro) all ended up going to see Kerby in the production of “Frakenstein” that “Stage Crafters” presented. It was something that I and Jenny were not expecting (to meet the others there), but it was pretty awesome and the play was very well done. Inside the Play pamplet was a short introduction to the actors and kerby’s intro was pretty swell as he put up props to both us, aniRAGE, and to ashley (Anime Belle) and her “Kimono fairytale theature”. As for the acting, it was done especially well by all parties. Kerby did amazingly well for his Second performance ever and it really warmed my heart to see that the schooling he is taking with this group is really helping him along.

So, in honor of a dear friend, I’d like to formally congradulate Jon Kerby (Kerby) for a job well done! Keep up the great work, amigo!

~Miroku (Jeshua Cook)

A Very Special aniRAGE Announcement!

Coming to you live from Tampa Florida, it’s aniRAGE! Join us November 5-7 at the Crowne Plaza for the first ever SHADOCON!

This is a convention that was made possible in association with Metrocon, with tons of great guests coming! Including:
Voice Actors Kyle Herbert and Kara Edwards, Internet Stars: Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) and Egorapter, Musical Guests One Eyed Doll and Shadowfax, Cosplay Guests PikeBelleChu and Concept Galaxy, and our own personal friend Animebelle!

We have a lot of great stuff planned for that weekend, so make sure to mark your calanders and join these guests and aniRAGE!

Check out ShadoCon’s website at and as always, stay tuned to for more great news!

aniRAGE on

I know I’ve spammed a bit here on the blog, but aniRAGE has begun posting it’s videos on Blip.TV as well as youtube.  There are two main reasons: 1) is a little more lax on certain things than youtube is, because it’s not as well “known”.  2) They play ads, and aniRAGE sure could use the help.

Now granted, it’s not a lot of money, but with our increased convention schedule of the last year or so, and with us needing to buy some more (and newer) equipment, any little bit helps.

So check us out on and enjoy!  Right now it’s just some of our favorite videos, but we may add in some more as time goes on.


New features coming soon!

Zeke here. aniRAGE is going to be purchasing a DSLR camera here soon, so look forward to some high-quality con pics that will be displayed right here on!

If you are gonna be at a convention we’ll be at, keep an eye out for us. You might just make an appearance in our upcomming gallery!

Of course, this also means better quality pictures from our shows, and we are definitely gonna try to get some audience shots, so make sure you are there!