Back from the Dead?

Zeke here!  It’s been a while since something was posted here, so I am doing something to change that.

You might wonder what aniRAGE has been up to reccently.  Well let me tell you, nothing good! Mwua ha ha ha ha.  Ha ha.  Hurm.  Er.  Anyway.

Behind the scenes, aniRAGE has been busy concocting some great stuff that we think you guys are going to really enjoy.  We’ve been taking some steps to bump up the quality of our productions to give you an even better watching experience, both for our videos and our live shows.  While we can’t discuss what many of the plans are (we are still working out many of the kinks) there are some things we can talk aboot.

Anime Express is coming up next month.  It’s April 16-19 over in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida.  We have a TON of panels for your viewing experience.  Our popular “Whose Line is it aniRAGE?” show is coming back, as well as a couple games we premiered last year: “aniRAGE’s You Can’t Say That” and “aniRAGE Presents: Anime Eye Spy!”.  Joining that will be a few new panel ideas, including “aniRAGE Round Table” where we invite you to join in on our discussions, and a new blooper-reel type show where we display some of the goofs and gaffs we’ve come across in our filming.  Plus we are going to be debuting a new video at Anime Express, so come check it out before it makes it to youtube (or anywhere else we might be planning on it up).

To top it all off, we’re proud to announce that Fairy Tale Theater will be returning to Metrocon 2010!  Come see the awesome show that Animebelle puts on, and us here at aniRAGE are proud to be a part of it.

Speaking of returning shows, we’re also proud to announce that we will be returning to St. Augustine for EXP Con 2010!  We’ve been talking with the guys at that con and they have some great stuff planned for everyone.  So make sure to mark your calenders.

That’s all for now, but expect more awesomeness to be coming soon as we prepare to roll out some great stuff in the near future.



and we are back from expcon. And let me be the first to say it was a blast. From Opening to closing, aniRAGE dominated all we were involved in. For more information on expcon please visit their website, and we hope to see you there next year.

and AnimeBelle has pictures out the wazoo of all sorts of con happenings. And we will have our pictures and performances up ASAP.