Dashi game reviews: Dead Island as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hey Guys! It’s that time again, where I go into my massive stack of games that I have yet to touch. Thank you steam sales. And review some awesome titles! Today I will be reviewing two games that have released this year and have already beaten, Dead Island and Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

Dead Island was one of those games I saw the release trailer for at E3 and immediately got excited, a first person zombie romp kill fest through a island where you have got to survive?! Sign me up! And the months passed and I kept being antsy about it being released and finally.. It was out! So I fired up my rig and prepared for gleeful bliss of running around beating up zombies and being epic. What I got was…Borderlands with zombies.

The game is honestly not that bad.. romping through the island destroying zombies with various weapons you find laying around, healing yourself by eating nothing but fruit and various energy drinks… I swear to god to just restore my health I had to slam down 5 of these energy drinks. And I swore I thought my main character was going to drop from a heart attack! But let’s describe the game in various categories, starting with the weaponry!

 You got a little bit of everything to kill with in this game, boat paddles and blunt objects, knives and sharp objects, sledgehammer and impact objects… and then you have various neat little weapons you can make in the game like molotovs, a grenade made out of deodorant cans or a jar of meat that when it explodes on the ground that attracts zombies. Ew. But some of them are kind of cool, like making a electrical machete that shocks zombies when you strike them, or a ripper that is like an electric buzz-saw strapped to a baseball bat that deals damage. I thought the game would have gotten so much easier when I found a pistol or a shotgun, but to my disappointment it was JUST like Borderlands, where even a head shot with a shotgun does not instantly drop the zombie, it takes 2-5 blasts to kill it! And there are various types of zombies that would bring down the hurt on you!

 The Story? Same storyline for all of them. You are hanging out at a party one night then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Zombies, zombies everywhere! The only different bit is the beginning movie and intro to the game. Four characters to chose from (Angry Feminist ex-soldier woman, Ex Hong Kong police woman, Ex Rapper dude, and Ex football guy) all with different abilities, kinda like borderlands.

All in all I did enjoy this game. I had to take it in doses as there were moments of me just flat out quitting the game due to nerd rage from cheap kills by the zombies. But after taking a breather I just had to get back into the game to figure out what happens. If you bought it when it came out brand new, then it was a alright purchase. I am definitely going to wait till it goes on sale to pick it up and add it to my collection, as this is a game I’d like to own, to see the other remaining stories of the other 3 as well as the DLC to it.

 For my opinion I give it a 8.5 out of 10 as a good solid zombie romp.

 Now some people have never asked for this, but I’m going to give it. Here is my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I actually have played the first two games of Deus Ex and I did not have much love for the sequel. So when they announced they were going to do a third Deus Ex game I got excited, then freaked out in horror when it was announced that it was going to be ran by the Final Fantasy remaking company Square-Enix.

 The story follows Adam Jensen, security op for Sarif Industries, a top augmentation corporation where a suspected security alarm that triggers in the company. Adam gets sent down there and unfortunately gets attacked by a black-op’s team of augmented soldiers and almost dies, but what happens is that Adam survives through the medial technology of augmentation and begins a search to find out who attacked there building and what happened to the workers there in that location.

 As it was a prequel to the first game I really wondered how it would size up to sync with the first game, and honestly it did quite well all the way up to the ending. The story gripped me and I found myself staying up late at night to try to go through and beat this game. There are MULTIPLE AND COUNTLESS ways to go through the game, its incredible! Either through stealth, or running and gunning or by hacking into security systems to disable cameras and send security bots back at there own squads, this game was amazing and it had a solid nod to the first game as it is very cyberpunk like with all the locations.

 If you have to own a game in your collection and if you loved the Deus Ex Series, please pick this one up as it was quite a enjoyable game. On this one I had to give it 10/10 and there is still DLC being released for it as well! “The Missing Link” comes out in October and I cant wait to see how this mission goes!

 In conclusion after I’ve went through these two awesome titles I have been addicted to playing the 1.9 Pre-release version 3 they have out for Minecraft before its 2.0 release, as well as RAGE. I know that it is going to be a one of those games for me to review as iD software has not really released anything in quite a while. As well, I want to review the Batman Arkham series. I’m going to have to run through Arkham Asylum first before tackling Arkham City when that releases.

Till next time guys, thanks for reading my reviews!

Dashi is not dead! : He’s thrown on a leather racing jacket and has revved it up with a review on the hit anime movie REDLINE

To be honest the last anime series that I watched was Panty and Stocking and that was a fantastic series. Afterwards I sort of went into a huge anime drought and I could get into any new anime’s like Tiger and Bunny or Madoka magica. After months of trying it seemed that I have been cured by famous anime company Mad House. Fantastic anime from the same group who did Trigun, Gungrave, and Chobits? Now you REALLY have my attention!

Redline follows the story of “Sweet” JP – A man with a retro sense of fashion, waves of fans, and tends to have spectacular crashes towards the end of his races. Paid off by the mob for all of his lost races and being on the verge of giving up his dream, he gets voted onto the next stage and gets to compete in the Redline, a vicious race that is held in Roboworld, where if you lose the race you lose more then your car… you lose your LIFE.

Redline is set to release on dvd and blu-ray in november of this year and there are a few theaters that have been showing this film. If you happen to get a chance you have GOT to see this movie. The animation is unique and it took 7 years of production to make this film. The reviews are awesome and I love how Thomas Zoth of Mania.com said “if Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was a assault on the senses.. Then Redline is a declaration of war.”

10/10 – Go See this if you can, if not add it to your collection of you want awesome anime to show off to your friends.. This movie is LITERALLY Speed Racer.. on CRACK!

Dashi Has Gamefly!: Lets Review Titles He Has Rented! As Well as his own collection!

I have literally  grown up playing video games and one of my favorite categories has to be First Person Shooters. I can thank my uncle for that, when I was about 7-8 Years old and he installed Doom and Doom 2 on my Pc I had at my house. Since then I have been addicted to playing FPS Games such as Duke Nukem 3d, The Quake Saga, as well as older never heard of titles like Shadow Warrior and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

Now these days I don’t play as much online multiplayer as I used to anymore. I cant really get into playing multiplayer since I got into enjoying MAG and I don’t feel like yelling at a bunch of 12 year olds who think they have 16 inch long egos. But I do tend to like a good FPS story to keep me enthralled while I push on thinking these squad mates are my real life friends, raging when I die and then laughing like a maniac when I get that ultimate weapon in the game to give them Hell for all the times that I was tired at 3 am and I make one STUPID mistake and die like a idiot.

Well, in the upcoming months I plan to review a bunch of games from my own personal collection that I have, what I rent on Gamefly, as well as pick up to own later down the line Like Duke Nukem Forever, La Noire, as well as The Darkness 2. As a spoiler, here are a list of games that I really REALLY wish to review as soon as possible, so expect this to be maybe a daily to weekly bit as my first review will be on that Sleeper FPS Hit – Homefront which I will update later tonight with a synopsis, review, and opinion of this game to save you money or make you go out and buy it!

Till next time! Ok…later tonight after new Doctor Who on BBC America, which would be possibly 9-10pm eastern time.

BTW if I did not express it enough..


Happy Easter guys! Don’t eat too many peeps and wait till Monday to reap the sugary benefits when they are on sale…thats what I do.


Dashi: Operation Mouse – or how I inflitrated the Magic Kingdom

Tired.. Give me a moment.. got to sit a bit and try to get my mind back on how this day was. I liked how 2 people wanted to know where I got my Tron: Legacy hoodie.. GAH train of thought lost.. hang on gotta get back on the rails.

OK! I think I’m good. Hello again everyone! I JUST GOT BACK from the Magic Kingdom about a good hour ago, and after a car refill and a Slurpee drink I’m ready to give my review of the Magic Kingdom. This is a comparison to when I was a little kid so its a whole new ballgame as I was tiny back then so, deep breaths as I am exhausted, LETS GET TO THE PARK!

Main Street: Absolutely neat, went into one shop, mad they got rid of the awesome penny arcade and replaced it with a store, did not really stay here as long. I literally bee-lined it to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain.

Tomorrowland: My absolute favorite location  in the park, all the sights and sounds and everything is just awesome including that robotic trashcan that talked to people. Why don’t I have one of those?

Ride List:

Space Mountain: Omfg Alpha Sector Ride and in the front seat = amazing roller coaster experience. Gamma sector is fun too! Must do it again ASAP as I cant believe I waited 18 years since my last chance to try it when I was a little kid. It was SO worth the wait.

Stitches Great Escape: This was cute, I liked that they got rid of alien encounter and did it with Stitch, minus getting stitch spit dripped on me. Ew.

Monsters Inc. Laugh-In: Did not get to do this one! Saved it for next time.

People-Mover: Saved for next time!

Carousel Of Progress: Cute exhibit, nice to rest your feet, and that theme is catchy. It could put its money where its mouth is against a street fight vs Its A Small World. (hmm.. could make money off of that.. children from around the world versus a family that progresses through the future each time the carousel spins. GET-EM VIRTUAL REALITY GRANDMA).

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin: I spun it more than shot really.

Tomorrowland Expressway:  Stayed away. didnt feel like getting stuck with driving a car going only 7 mph.

Hold on, gotta get my park map for the rest of the locations. AH here we go!

Fantasyland: Cutesy stuff, some decent rides, mostly for little kids but was still enjoyable.

Ride List:

“Its A Small World” : Endurance Test. Your a man if you can sit on that boat and endure the entire ride without wanting to throw yourself out of the boat and get crushed by gears, and still I want to see that street fight.

Micky’s PhilharMagic: Its a “Hey! Remember the song hits from Disney” done with Donald Duck goofing up stuff and him trying to get Micky’s magical hat back. Its not bad! Check it out if you can, its enjoyable, and neat how you could smell stuff. When Ariel came up for a closeup when she was singing she smelled pretty. Sigh. OK OK back to the rides.

Peter Pans Flight: Le Skipped as it was a kids ride.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures: See Previous ride info

Dumbo the flying elephant: I rode it to see if I could see if I would break it, I didnt! Huzzah! Raising my elephant to the top then dropping it back down sharply like a elevator ride.

Mad Tea Party: We made our teacup hit 88 miles per hour. Putting a dollar in the swear jar, as we saw serious SHIT happen when we were spinning around fast.

Micky’s ToonTown Fair: Skipped sadly, nothing interested us there. Might be torn down when we go next time. Oh well, onto the next section!

Adventureland: Neat looking, only rode Pirates of the Caribbean.


Pirates of the Caribbean : Dark boat ride, neat with Jack Sparrow references, thats it.

Everything else: avoided like the plague

Frontierland: WELL HOWDY PARTNER! Your only going to do Big Thunder Mountain railroad as its the only good attraction there right now, since in January Splash Mountain is closed!

Ride List:

Big Thunder Mountain: Always fun, enjoyable coaster.

Splash mountain: Done run dry in January. Should be open in February I think.

Country Bear Jamboree: …wasnt there a movie of this? Ah I skipped it.

Liberty Square: Quick little quiet part of the Magic Kingdom, but its got 3 rides! We did 2!

Ride List:

Haunted Mansion: Always Fun..

The Hall Of Presidents: As a request from my girlfriend she wanted to go into to see this. The most I could say is good show to rest your feet in, and god help us if we get Sarah Palin as the next President, that would be a terrible Animatronic.

Food: Had everything you could want. We mostly ate at quick eat  stops then the dine-in locations were reservations only. The best place to get a drink was in Adventureland Stop in Aloha Isle as they had this awesome pinapple juice float that was DELICIOUS..

Gift Items: Meh. Nothing that really caught my eye at the park as there was a sad lack of Tron: Legacy stuff, maybe I was looking in the wrong section.

Overall: Magic Kingdom was great, will possibly go back in 2 years, when they have new stuff in the park. And that’s it now for Dashi Reviews Disney World: Tune in tomorrow if I’m not exhausted after going through Disney Hollywood Studios. If not expect a review Tuesday or Wednesday.

Till next time!