Twelve days to go…

I’m getting more nervous and excited with every passing day. The butterflies are already begining to flutter in my stomach just talking about it. I really, REALLY hope that nothing goes wrong and that this won’t be a mistake… I know it’s not, though… Just unfounded worries in the back of my mind n_n. Mine and Jennifer’s going away party is tomorrow ^_^. Hope to see alot of folks there! Also, working hard with the others to brainstorm on new panels and fun games to play at EXP and ShadoCon. I can’t wait to get back to EXP and see everyone ^_~. And, Shadocon is looking like it’s going to be AWESOME!

You all can bet that aniRAGE! is going to give it’s all for you guys and everyone is going to have fun ^_^! Count on it!



Well, today was the last day… Got everything just about Packed (Should be done in an hour) and then all that will be left is to move it onto a truck and clean the house. It’s kinda strange to sit in this house and not have any of my stuff up and about anymore… But, the move will be good and well worth it in the end ^_^. I’m just looking forward to all the experiences and amazing things that are sure to take place on this adventure. I know it’s not going to be all roses, but hopefully, it will be a grand experience!


Jacksonville: Change upon the wind…

I suppose that it is finally time for me to make this announcement. All of my comrades here in aniRAGE already know and quite a few people too, but now… I feel now is the time to reveal to everyone a secret I have been keeping for a short while. Truth is, come August 21st, 2010, I and Jennifer shall be moving to Jacksoville to live while I go back to school. I still intend to be apart of aniRAGE and still shall be at every show, but I will no longer be living in my current locale in Northwest florida.

I know it may come to some of you as a shock, but I’ve been needing to imbetter myself for quite a while… And, as aniRAGE has imbettered me in many aspects and being here (in PCB) having been the greatest of blessings ever… I can’t help but, to feel I am wasting some God given talent by just settling. To be honest, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but circumstances made it so that I choose the “easier” route over the one that would lead me through more heartache and untold experiences (both good and bad) out amongst the unknown.

To all of you whom support me, are supporting me, and have been supporting me… I thank you all and love you all very dearly. Everyone from here in aniRAGE and without. My family, my friends, and all of you! You are all very dear to me and I sincerely appreciate you all.

As I mentioned, I’m not leaving aniRAGE or going to be on hiatus… Just moving to another town to start my education afresh… I Sincerely love you all and hope that you will continue to keep in touch with me here and on my Facebook page. If you all need me or want to talk further, feel free to message me ^_^. Till then, I will catch you all later.. Gotta get packing ^_~. Much love!

~Jeshua (Miroku)

Check it out, Facebook-ers!

Miroku here! I’ve been doing some upgrading to my page and have now added pictures of my past Cosplays and some past events for us at Anime Express 12!! So drop on over to the profile, drop a “Howdy!”, or just check out some great pics! Look me up under “Jeshua Cook” ^_~.

Btw, 20 more days to go till Metro!


New Job and Acting Venues for Moi!

So this week is going to be super busy this week!

Not only did I start my new job this week, but I also have a play coming up!

I started training today for my new job at N.E.W. today, beginning with orientation…. and how boring it was! Hour after hour of presentations and orientations with the company. At least most of it was informative. On the plus side, I get free hot chocolate and coffee for free! Whenever I want! I’m a happy man! (well maybe for the hot chocolate, since I don’t drink coffee!

On the other side, I’ve been busy with getting ready for my first theatre production play ever! (other than AnimeBelle’s Fairytale Theater!) The local community theater, Stage Crafters, here in Ft. Walton Beach, is in it’s 35th season, and my first audition ever landed me a role in the play. So come see me perform in all my glory this weekend and next! The dates are:

June 11: 7:30PM
June 12: 7:30PM
June 13: 2:00PM
June 18: 7:30PM
June 19: 7:30PM
June 20: 2:00PM

The venue is the Ft. Walton Beach Municipal Auditorium on Hwy 98 in Ft. Walton Beach, right next to city hall!

I must profusely apologize in advance for not posting for so long. No excuse, but hope to be posting more things to come and also more on a regular basis. Until then!


Another Glorious day to be alive…

That is indeed today. Nothing particularly special going on… Just glad to be here. Went and watched “How to Train your Dragon” again. This time, I and Jenny were accompanied by Duo and Evey (whom hadn’t seen the movie yet). It wasn’t in 3-d this time, but it was much more enjoyable to watch outside of it (in my opinion). The story is really cute and awesome and I really enjoyed having my love and a few of my family members with me. Also started work on the Grim Jr. Prostetic for Metro AND just about finished our masquerade masks. Just need to push Jenny to get my Kimono done, now. Speaking of Kimono’s: TOTALLY looking forward to the fairy tale theature which we are all going to be apart of again. Not sure what new stories we’ll be presenting, but I’m excited to see what new and fresh ideas Anime Belle has cooked up for this! Well, before this sounds anymore like a diary entry, I’ll be saying my farewells for now. Catch you guys on the flip side and keep your eyes pinned for more video’s and commentary from us here at!


A very special Day, TODAY!

Just wanted to let everyone know that on today, a few years ago, Ashley Clark of was born… Therefore, it’s her B-day Today and we would all, very much, Like to wish her a very happy Birthday and a wonderful and prosperous year to come! On a personal note, I pray that God blesses you and grants you the greatest desires of your heart, Ash. Anyways, go over and wish her a happy B-day too! Her site, again, is! Peace!