A surprise trip to an Ancient City… Convention, that is!

Greetings loyal aniRAGErs! Miroku here, and I have to say that today was plenty of awesome! I and my fiancee, Jenny, were invited to come and spend the day with Pika-Belle Chu at local, Jacksonville based, Ancient City Con (A.C.C. for short) and we accepted her generous offer and joined her in the fun. Dressed in Naruto Cosplay, we joined in her panel and were later joined by Zeke whom brought his trusty camera and Lupin the Third cosplay along for the fun and the off chance fo catching some great gamers/cosplayers in action. A.C.C. is running it’s fifth year and is a hometown fav for roleplayers, cosplayers, and all other convention based enthusists. There were some interesting panels, a nice registration area, a fun gaming room, and a decent dealers area… And, did I mention that all of the above (with exception to panels) all existed in one room? It was quirky, but interesting at the same time. Jenny and I didn’t stay all day, but we really enjoyed our time and hope that they have alot more fun, tomorrow, as the con will be continuing on through Sunday. So, if you’re a local and just want to check out something fun, then drop on by A.C.C. and make sure to continue to drop by and see us, here, at aniRAGE.com! This Miroku saying,” Catch you all at the next one!”


The moment you have all been waiting for…

After you are done watching those awesome videos the guys have been putting together for your viewing pleasure, take a moment to check out the photos from Freecon and Jacksonville Anime Day!
If you like you can go up to the pics tab, then con pics and find them… or you can just click this handy link! http://www.anirage.com/pics/gallery/?type=gallery

ALSO! We will be at Metrocon next month, so if you are going to be there don’t be afraid to come find us! Don’t miss your chance to be on anirage.com!


Dashi Game Reviews: Homefront And Portal 2!

Hey everyone, Dashi from aniRAGE here. I’ve been pretty busy trying to power marathon through games when I get off work, and I’m here to review two games that I have completed and I guarantee that they are spoiler free so you can still enjoy them. I also will give my opinion on if you wish to add these titles to your collection, or do the smart thing and rent them through gamefly. Now onto our first game review: Homefront!

Homefront was a interesting story with a cookie cutter call of duty styled gameplay element which left me with a bitter burnt taste at the end. “Home is where the war is” was there quote on how the game would be. Well that sure happened, so lets revisit the WHAT IF machine to see what would happen if: North and South Korea united, then our whole global economy collapsed going into the toilet, including making gas 20$ a gallon as well as having a bird flu epedemic that kills millions AND then they went ”You know what? Lets invade America by using a EMP we had hidden in our Peace Satellite!” I’m not kidding, they EMP’d America with using a “peace” satellite. Oh well, let’s go shoot something! Get revenge on those guys for thinking they could take over our America! And now lets get on with our storyline.

You are Robert Jacobs, average tough military guy who was going to a emprisonment camp to get brainwashed to fly planes for the bad guy, sound typical right? Your bus gets slammed by a RPG and you get saved… by the resistance! Hurrah! Because your a helicopter pilot – cuing the rest of the storyline with spoilers so basicly go after a fuel supply to capture for yourself which ends up with a final epic battle across the san fransico bridge – sounds thrilling right? Well the ending is lackluster, no resolution, bascily just displays the logo and the catchphrase which means possible sequel! I did not bother to play the multiplayer because I got it from gamefly and im not a huge fan of multiplayer.

I give Homefront a 7 out of 10. It had a alright storyline but it felt lackluster. It had those pain in the butt firefights that you cursed up and down like a sailor if you messed up and had to go through. Some of the battles took me 3-4 times to beat. If you happen to love escort missions where you have to defend certain equipment like tankers while you are in a helicopter or a robotic tank while using a sniper rifle, then this is up your alley. I would say on renting or buying this game, rent it through gamefly unless you like multiplayer, then go ahead and purchase the game as I heard the multiplayer was really good.

Since we got that manly FPS muscle flexed, lets go ahead and go with our other review and get some brain activity going with Portal 2: Electric Boogaloo.

We resume after being left off from portal as puzzle solver Chell, who was placed in stasis for about seveal hundred years after the first ending, being greeted by Wheatley, who is a intelligent core. Voiced by British ”The Office” star Stephen Merchant, who does a FANTASTIC performance, you travel with Wheatley through the outskirts of a barren abandoned Aperture Labs as GLaDOS has been shutdown since your last encounter. After finding a easily left out portal gun and trying to escape via escape pod you unfortinately flick all the switches that put GLaDOS back online. She is not really happy to see you. She captures and then puts you through another vigorous romp through 19 levels of fun portal testing. After a while, with Wheatley’s help, you escape and sabotage the labs by switching turrets with defective ones and cut/disable the nurotoxin container so she cannot flood the chamber with gas on your final fight. You defeat GLaDOS and replace her core with his in the main system which seems to be fine…until he gets ego happy and gains insane amounts of power and banishes you and GLaDOS to the distant barrens of Aperture Science in the center of the Earth. Now you will be going through the three testing stages of Aperture when it first came out, Alpha – 1951 , Beta – 1971 , and Gamma – 1981, where you meet / mostly listen to Aperture Science’s owner and founder Cave Johnson, who is voiced by J.K. Simmons. You fight past all the new tests as well as learning of new gels they have. You return to Wheatley Laboratories where you do the final confrontation / showdown and amazing ending with Wheatley. I have yet to review coop so that will definitely be something that I need to do as a follow-up in the near future.

I give portal 2 a 10/10 as it is a amazing successor to the first one that keeps your gripped with a amazing storyline, awesome voice acting, intriging easter eggs, as well as replay value with the developers commentary and the remaining trophys. Will I add this to my collection? Oh yes, just because of the fact that I could play it on my PS3, as well as on my PC.

And there you have it! 2 games down I wanted to review! For a upcoming teaser of what im going to review next is going to be – Call Of Duty: Black Ops, La Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, and some games from my personal collection which are a suprise.

Till Next time!


Dashi Has Gamefly!: Lets Review Titles He Has Rented! As Well as his own collection!

I have literally  grown up playing video games and one of my favorite categories has to be First Person Shooters. I can thank my uncle for that, when I was about 7-8 Years old and he installed Doom and Doom 2 on my Pc I had at my house. Since then I have been addicted to playing FPS Games such as Duke Nukem 3d, The Quake Saga, as well as older never heard of titles like Shadow Warrior and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

Now these days I don’t play as much online multiplayer as I used to anymore. I cant really get into playing multiplayer since I got into enjoying MAG and I don’t feel like yelling at a bunch of 12 year olds who think they have 16 inch long egos. But I do tend to like a good FPS story to keep me enthralled while I push on thinking these squad mates are my real life friends, raging when I die and then laughing like a maniac when I get that ultimate weapon in the game to give them Hell for all the times that I was tired at 3 am and I make one STUPID mistake and die like a idiot.

Well, in the upcoming months I plan to review a bunch of games from my own personal collection that I have, what I rent on Gamefly, as well as pick up to own later down the line Like Duke Nukem Forever, La Noire, as well as The Darkness 2. As a spoiler, here are a list of games that I really REALLY wish to review as soon as possible, so expect this to be maybe a daily to weekly bit as my first review will be on that Sleeper FPS Hit – Homefront which I will update later tonight with a synopsis, review, and opinion of this game to save you money or make you go out and buy it!

Till next time! Ok…later tonight after new Doctor Who on BBC America, which would be possibly 9-10pm eastern time.

BTW if I did not express it enough..


Happy Easter guys! Don’t eat too many peeps and wait till Monday to reap the sugary benefits when they are on sale…thats what I do.


It’s Thursday’s talk about a song called “Saturday”.

Good morning friends and faithful watchers of anirage.com! Miroku here and I’m pretty certain that, by now, everyone has seen the trainwreck of a Music video that is “Friday” by Rebecca Black (great song, wasn’t it? -Insert heavy sarcasm.-). Well, as I was mandering around the internet, I discovered that ol’ Becca wasn’t the only one to take up the charge and sing about her favorite day. Another contender has thrown their hat in the ring. A young gentleman by the name of Brian Haner has recently released his own day inspired video. The title of which is “Saturday”. And, for your viewing pleasure, we here wanted to give you a chance to see a video that is not only just as good , but even greater then the homage that was payed by Ms. Black. So, without delay, I offer you all “Saturday”!

“Saturday” by Brian Harper

Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more great comedy, wacky videos, and all the other fantastic holabaloo you come to expect from us, here at anirage.com… And, keep you’re eyes peeled. We’re starting our next tour on the Convention circuit with Freecon which will be taking place on April 8th-9th in Tallahasse. For more info check out Freecon for more info. Catch you guys later!


Hey there little “Red riding hood”: A movie review

How’s it going, everyone?

Just got back from seeing a sneak peek presentation of “Red Riding Hood” and, much like the song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs… it sure was looking good! I don’t want to put out any spoilers or anything for the movie, but it was a great film. As you can guess, it was a bit of a “creature feature” and being produced by the same folks whom made twilight (bleck… -gags a little.-) it was definately what I would consider a “chick flick”. But, unlike twilight, this was ACTUALLY good. There was enough action and intrigue between the girl stuff that it kept me engrossed the ENTIRE time. The acting was fairly good and the creature effects weren’t too shabby. They went with a similiar theme for “the wolf” as they did for others in previous sappy vampire love stories, but I really enjoyed the look and the story was fairly well written.

In short, Red Riding Hood is, very much, Well worth seeing and I would highly recommend it to ANYONE whom enjoys a good monster movie and/or a love story. Until next time, I’m Miroku bidding you all a “grim” evening… BWa ha ha ha-ack!

Venture the Nexis and Join the League!

So, my brother-in-law has been stuck on a game for the past month or so and I finally decided to bite when told I should join in. So I went over to LeageOfLegends.com and decided to download the game “League of Legends” to my pc. To start off, L.O.L. is a real-time strategy game, produced by the creators of the War Craft 3 downloadable game “Defenders of the ancients (or Dota for short). Having played Dota, I figured that this one would be pretty good and I haven’t been dissappointed yet!

Game play works much the same as it does in Dota. The game sets you up as a “Summoner” and you must command your “Champion” to go forth and destroy your enemy’s “Nexis” or command crystal that is found in the heart of their base. The game provides you with ground forces that go ahead of your champion to fight on your behalf and has an rpg element with a leveling system and a weapons/armor purchasing system. And, like Dota, weapons and armor purchased can be combined to form stronger items through recipes provided (think synthesis, if you will). The game is very fun and addicting (much like the predecessor that came before it), but one interesting difference from Dota is the ability to rack up points or to use cash to purchase new character skins from the games website. And game play is fast and furious when played with others over the net, with struggles from teams to go forth and destroy their enemy and their Nexis to win the game!

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that if you haven’t had a chance to play this game yet, then you should TOTALLY give it a shot. It’s free to play, doesn’t take alot of space, and system requirements aren’t high to run. Now then, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to summon me up a sandwich. Until next time, I hope you all enjoy!