Spotlight Photo 10.18.11

Sorry it’s a little late! This week I have brought you a very lovely Dizzy of Guilty Gear from EXPcon 2010’s Photoshoot panel. She seemed kinda shy, but this pic is just amazing to me. She looks like she would be a great model.

Ok Boys! Stop drooling now!

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SLOTW – Hey that doesn’t look so scar-*insert blood curdling high pitched scream here*

For those in the dark (the deep, deep dark…), this coming weekend is Halloween!  With that, you’ll get annoying kids dressed up in tacky and bad looking costumes, knocking at your door for the expected candy treatment for going away.  Not to mention the constant sight of pumpkins that would be better suited for pie (and you know I love me some pie!).  Halloween should be reserved for scaring the crap out of those kids, and mutilating those pumkins for your own personal baking and consumption.  With that mindset in mind, I present to you some very scary (and very sweet….. now I want some damn pie!) links of the week!

When you get done with your trick or treating, you and your friends might decide to sit by a campfire or dark room with a flashlight and tell each other ghost stories.  While your stories might be cheesy and sometimes funny or dumb, you always had a good time.  But I’m not quite in the business of funny and stupid…… ok, maybe I am.  But for now, I’ve got a story for you that might trump all the stories you’ve heard as a kid.  It’s scary, blood curdling, and you can view it HERE.

If that didn’t quite elicit a blood curdling scream, you might be able to find something below.  If you want, you can chant along if you know the words…

If  you’ll excuse me, I need to grab a change of underwear, as well as some pants…. also I need a new chair…


SLOTW – Lights! Camera! Otaku!

Since the dawn of movies and television, there have been followings, movements, heck, even downright tributes to famous movies and television series.  Nowadays, these forms of fandom have shifted from the realm of television and movies to Anime and Video Games.  While the realm of cosplay has been the easiest and most accessible form of fandom, it’s the effort of one’s fandom that truly seperates the casual geeks from the hardcore fans.  As such, this week’s Sweet Links of the Week is all about fan films from Anime and Video Games!

Our first entry involves 3 things.  A beautiful woman, A gun, and SCIENCE!  Put all 3 together, and what do you have?  This short Portal fan film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is beautifully made, complete with jaw-dropping visuals, fantastic scenery, and even more awesome action.


While a fan film can be great with the right visual effects and great camera angles, some of the best fan films come complete with mind-blowing coreography, great dialogue, and staying true to the original media!  One of my favorite series is and continues to be Naruto.  From all the action packed fight scenes, to the awesome techniques, to the character relationships, I find the series to be spectacular.  So I immediately become a skeptic when I see fan films out on the internet.

With this big gem, however, my mind has been completely blown, with no room for skepticism (other than the hair.  It’s always the hair on Naruto…) with Thousand Pounds Action Co.’s first part of their movie.


Dashi game reviews: Dead Island as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Hey Guys! It’s that time again, where I go into my massive stack of games that I have yet to touch. Thank you steam sales. And review some awesome titles! Today I will be reviewing two games that have released this year and have already beaten, Dead Island and Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

Dead Island was one of those games I saw the release trailer for at E3 and immediately got excited, a first person zombie romp kill fest through a island where you have got to survive?! Sign me up! And the months passed and I kept being antsy about it being released and finally.. It was out! So I fired up my rig and prepared for gleeful bliss of running around beating up zombies and being epic. What I got was…Borderlands with zombies.

The game is honestly not that bad.. romping through the island destroying zombies with various weapons you find laying around, healing yourself by eating nothing but fruit and various energy drinks… I swear to god to just restore my health I had to slam down 5 of these energy drinks. And I swore I thought my main character was going to drop from a heart attack! But let’s describe the game in various categories, starting with the weaponry!

 You got a little bit of everything to kill with in this game, boat paddles and blunt objects, knives and sharp objects, sledgehammer and impact objects… and then you have various neat little weapons you can make in the game like molotovs, a grenade made out of deodorant cans or a jar of meat that when it explodes on the ground that attracts zombies. Ew. But some of them are kind of cool, like making a electrical machete that shocks zombies when you strike them, or a ripper that is like an electric buzz-saw strapped to a baseball bat that deals damage. I thought the game would have gotten so much easier when I found a pistol or a shotgun, but to my disappointment it was JUST like Borderlands, where even a head shot with a shotgun does not instantly drop the zombie, it takes 2-5 blasts to kill it! And there are various types of zombies that would bring down the hurt on you!

 The Story? Same storyline for all of them. You are hanging out at a party one night then it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Zombies, zombies everywhere! The only different bit is the beginning movie and intro to the game. Four characters to chose from (Angry Feminist ex-soldier woman, Ex Hong Kong police woman, Ex Rapper dude, and Ex football guy) all with different abilities, kinda like borderlands.

All in all I did enjoy this game. I had to take it in doses as there were moments of me just flat out quitting the game due to nerd rage from cheap kills by the zombies. But after taking a breather I just had to get back into the game to figure out what happens. If you bought it when it came out brand new, then it was a alright purchase. I am definitely going to wait till it goes on sale to pick it up and add it to my collection, as this is a game I’d like to own, to see the other remaining stories of the other 3 as well as the DLC to it.

 For my opinion I give it a 8.5 out of 10 as a good solid zombie romp.

 Now some people have never asked for this, but I’m going to give it. Here is my review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I actually have played the first two games of Deus Ex and I did not have much love for the sequel. So when they announced they were going to do a third Deus Ex game I got excited, then freaked out in horror when it was announced that it was going to be ran by the Final Fantasy remaking company Square-Enix.

 The story follows Adam Jensen, security op for Sarif Industries, a top augmentation corporation where a suspected security alarm that triggers in the company. Adam gets sent down there and unfortunately gets attacked by a black-op’s team of augmented soldiers and almost dies, but what happens is that Adam survives through the medial technology of augmentation and begins a search to find out who attacked there building and what happened to the workers there in that location.

 As it was a prequel to the first game I really wondered how it would size up to sync with the first game, and honestly it did quite well all the way up to the ending. The story gripped me and I found myself staying up late at night to try to go through and beat this game. There are MULTIPLE AND COUNTLESS ways to go through the game, its incredible! Either through stealth, or running and gunning or by hacking into security systems to disable cameras and send security bots back at there own squads, this game was amazing and it had a solid nod to the first game as it is very cyberpunk like with all the locations.

 If you have to own a game in your collection and if you loved the Deus Ex Series, please pick this one up as it was quite a enjoyable game. On this one I had to give it 10/10 and there is still DLC being released for it as well! “The Missing Link” comes out in October and I cant wait to see how this mission goes!

 In conclusion after I’ve went through these two awesome titles I have been addicted to playing the 1.9 Pre-release version 3 they have out for Minecraft before its 2.0 release, as well as RAGE. I know that it is going to be a one of those games for me to review as iD software has not really released anything in quite a while. As well, I want to review the Batman Arkham series. I’m going to have to run through Arkham Asylum first before tackling Arkham City when that releases.

Till next time guys, thanks for reading my reviews!

Spotlight Photo 10.07.11

Can you believe it’s already October? I know I sure can’t! This week’s Spotlight Photo, I will honestly say confused me! Hence why I felt the need to take a picture at the time. Looking for this week’s photo I stumbled upon this one and had a great laugh from how silly Con goers can be. I hope you get a good laugh too!

Photo was taken at Metrocon 2010!

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