SLOTW – Lights! Camera! Otaku!

Since the dawn of movies and television, there have been followings, movements, heck, even downright tributes to famous movies and television series.  Nowadays, these forms of fandom have shifted from the realm of television and movies to Anime and Video Games.  While the realm of cosplay has been the easiest and most accessible form of fandom, it’s the effort of one’s fandom that truly seperates the casual geeks from the hardcore fans.  As such, this week’s Sweet Links of the Week is all about fan films from Anime and Video Games!

Our first entry involves 3 things.  A beautiful woman, A gun, and SCIENCE!  Put all 3 together, and what do you have?  This short Portal fan film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is beautifully made, complete with jaw-dropping visuals, fantastic scenery, and even more awesome action.


While a fan film can be great with the right visual effects and great camera angles, some of the best fan films come complete with mind-blowing coreography, great dialogue, and staying true to the original media!  One of my favorite series is and continues to be Naruto.  From all the action packed fight scenes, to the awesome techniques, to the character relationships, I find the series to be spectacular.  So I immediately become a skeptic when I see fan films out on the internet.

With this big gem, however, my mind has been completely blown, with no room for skepticism (other than the hair.  It’s always the hair on Naruto…) with Thousand Pounds Action Co.’s first part of their movie.


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