As one might notice when looking around in day to day life, you night notice that many things are getting smaller and smaller.  From electronic devices, to computer monitors, even cars!

see what I mean?  Now let’s see how many clowns we can fit into that?

With technology and autos getting smaller nowadays, it only seems natural that one might desire to feed their inner giant every once in a while.

And on the note of food, you might be thinking of a big ass bowl of pasta, or a humongous 5 pound burger.  Hell, even a HUGE ass Ice Cream Cone.  Or, if you live in Japan, you could very well have one of these…

Indeed, it’s a GIANT SUSHI ROLL!  And yes, you can get one of your very own at the Umewaka Restaurant in Anjo City, Japan for the low low LOW price of $197 (¥15,000)!  This giant roll of sushi and fish weighs in at a whopping 5 kilograms, and features a fuckton of awesome wrapped up for a party of 5!

Now that we’ve gotten your future dinner (and bucket list entries) out of the way, if you’re still having problems with your inner giant raging out on stuff to buy, I think I’ve found just the solution for you!  Ever wanted a giant pen to sign for a giant check?  Ever wanted to have an epic win at Scrabble?  Dare to run with giant scissors?  Got a huge ass cork board with nothing to pin stuff to it?

touche, internet.  touche.

Well you can satisfy those urges, and MUCH more with the folks at Great Big Stuff!  They have all sorts of HUGE and GINORMOUS items for sale!  Ever wanted a set of big Monopoly™ pieces?  Boom!  Still looking for something to go with your giant cork board?  Pow!  Need to give your cats a reason to bow down before you?

yeah that was my first reaction, too.


Spotlight Photo 9.16.11

From Metrocon 2010, I bring you Simon from Gurren Lagann! Well… His back at least. Wandering around the river walk I saw some guy blocking a door posing for pictures on the other side. Saying this was before I watched Gurren Lagann, I had initially thought this was Kamina. Somehow the guy looked pretty epic blocking the entrance, and I wish I could have found him for a front shot. Still… Billowing coat looks pretty bad ass even from this angle!

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Fright Night (2011) Review: aka David Tennant is a Bad-Ass MoFo.

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror movies, but when I heard that David Tennant, the most amazing 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, was going to be in the remake of the 1985 cult-classic Fright Night, I knew there was a very good chance I was going to go see it. The story revolves around a boy who, after shunning his nerdy friends and being “cool” in order to get a hot chick, discovers that his new neighbor is a vampire! This vampire, played quite well by Colin Farrell, is slowly eating his way through the neighborhood. And when Charley Brewer (played rather meh-ly by Anton Yelchin)’s best friend “Evil” Ed (played by the always wonderful Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is taken out, he knows he has to fight back. It’s a fun, action-filled story with a menacing Colin Farrell, a boring Anton Yelchin, and hot chicks aplenty. But, as I assumed, David Tennant’s performance as Peter Vincent, stage-magician and surprise real-life vampire expert, took over the show.

The show just how much love Mr. Tennant has, the moment he arrived on screen, the crowd in the theater erupted into applause. He stole the show every time he was on scene. Then again, I might be a bit biased.

Don’t judge me, the bible says not to.

All kidding aside, the movie was very enjoyable, even if you aren’t a fan of gorey horror-suspense type movies. I might even purchase it once it’s out on DVD/Bluray (though more realistically, I’ll just stream it if/when it comes to Netflix). I give it 4 Sonic Screwdrivers out of 5.


SLOTW – Trek On!

For as long as I can remember my first episode, I’ve been a HUGE fan of Star Trek, whether it’s The Original Series, The Next Generation, to even Voyager!  It’s unique brand of storytelling, complete with awe inspiring technology and vast array of characters that drew you in.    This week’s SLOTW highlights two awesome pieces of Star Trek related info!


Our first link is one for the history buffs!  Not everyone knows the history of Star Trek, including it’s run dates, as well as fun tidbits of factoids that might be otherwise unknown!  Fear not, for has made an infographic of the first 45 years of Star Trek for all of us to enjoy!  I would put it up here on the front page, but it’s quite large and lengthy, so I’ve provided a link here!


Our second piece of info comes in the news of a series re-release onto Blu-ray!  TrekCore has just announced that the Star Trek: TNG series is being remastered for a Blu-ray release!  This news was also confirmed on Levar Burton’s (Geordi La Forde in TNG) twitter!   For those who are fans of the series, this news is pretty awesome!  For those on the Kirk side of the captain face off, you already have your DVDs, so buzz off!

And since you’ve read through this whole article (or just skipped to the images, you lazy dork…) and love us for it, why not reward yourself with some awesome bite size Star Trek Cookies?


Spotlight Photo 9.11.11

That time of the week again!!! This week is a photo taken from Freecon! This was a shot of a cute lolita girl who had a pink and blond wig! She was adorable! Anyway, This is one of my favorite shots from that day. Hope you guys like it!

If you’re looking for wigs like hers, and other lolita styles, might we suggest the lolita section at

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Movies with the Monk- Karas: The Prophecy & The Revelation

Hiddy Ho, guys! Your pal, Miroku, here. Finished mowing the lawn and decided to take a breather from the chores of the day, so I decided to hit Netflix up for some cool toonage to watch. As usual, I scrolled through the anime movie sections and discovered a little gem I’ve been meaning to see entitled: “Karas: The Prophecy”. I was debating it (due to mixed reviews I’ve heard) and decided to scroll on past to see what else was there, but then I saw that they also had the second film, “Karas: The Revelation”.  I knew it was a sign… a “revelation”, if you will, from the spirit world. I just HAD to see this “prophecy” for myself. After all, these two movies were produced by Tatsunoko Productions, which has been one of the long time companies that I recall from my childhood BEFORE I realized that those funny Gatchaman folks came from Japan (which Tatsunoko was responsible for producing). And, knowing that the movies had been produced in correlation of the celebration of their 40th year anniversary, I knew that I HAD to give them a watch. Besides, the title character is one of my favs to fight with in the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom arcade fighter. So, why not see what the story was all about?

Naturally, I watched the first movie, “The Prophecy”. Let me just say that the opening sequence of a dog fight between two supernatural jet fighter planes was cool enough. The fact that those same jets could shapeshift into armored warriors was EVEN MORE rockin! They really wanted to get you into this film from the get-go and I have to say I wasn’t displeased… Save for all the Japanese text that was going by untranslated (Note to self: use closed caption next time that happens). Anyways, from the opening sequence I knew that the movie was going to be great. And then, I waited… and waited… and waited some more. But the more I watched, the more I began to get confused on what, exactly, the story was all about. I mean, SURE the fight sequences that rained throughout the movie was cool, but they kinda jumped around a lot of places at first and then didn’t bother to explain to you who the main character was or what the deal was that he had superhuman powers. To that end, it really only introduced a lot of side characters that really didn’t have a lot to do with the story. An investigation here, random demon attacks, sequences of the main character doctoring demons and otherworldly specters, but then going out and killing others. By the time I got to the end, I really had more questions than answers for and I didn’t even really realize I was at the end until the cliffhanger hits you and … BAM! End credits…

If that had have been the end of it, I might be writing a REALLY SOUR review on this production. Thankfully, though, I knew I still had “The Revelation” to follow… And, I was REALLY praying that this “Revelation” would produce a plot and a point. Thankfully, Tatsunoko didn’t disappoint. They managed to sum EVERYTHING together with the second movie and produce a fairly conventional end to the tale of a young man who is chosen to receive super powers to defend the city against evil and injustice against both human and demon. Mind you, these movies weren’t bad nor were they badly written. However, I really can’t understand the justification of making these two movies. I did a little research and discovered that both films ACTUALLY started off as a six episode OVA (which explains a lot in my mind) that was then, combined, manufactured, and released as two movies. Honestly, it watched like I was in the midst of one LONG episode of a series which is the way these films should be watched.

So, in short, “Karas: The Prophecy” and “Karas: The Revelation” was a “GOOD SERIES” but, as a movies… I couldn’t see much re-watch value to them. But I would recommend watching them. Just, make sure you watch “The Prophecy” and then IMMEDIATELY watch “The Revelation”. Or, if you can only watch one, watch the second film as it will give you the actual details of the story AND it recaps a little from the other episodes so you won’t miss too much by not watching the first. Until next time, guys, this is Miroku saying, “Later!”

SLOTW – Holy Clearance, Batman!

Whether it’s replicas, actual props, or whatever fancies the collector, Hollywood memorabillia is a treasure trove and a hobby that’s long loved.  From swords, to movie devices, and sometimes whole set pieces for the maniacal and rich.  It’s a big business, and there’s always a collector for SOMETHING.  While props are special, it’s the functional props that garner the most attention.

I’ve always enjoyed the Batman movies (save for one.  *COUGHGEORGECLOONEYSUCKSCOUGH*), and was ALWAYS fascinated by the complexity with the design and the functions of the Batmobile.  From wondering how the engine worked, to how he got the little gadgets into the car, It’s always been a dream of mine to sit in the driver’s seat and take it for a spin!  Well my dream has been half realized.

Yes you’re not seeing things, it’s a replica of the batmobile!  Best of all, it’s drivable, turbine powered, and COMPLETELY STREET LEGAL!  Now why did I say my dreams were half realized?  Cause on the plus side, the owners of this replica, Putsch Racing, is selling the car on Ebay!  On the down side (and it’s a huge downer for me), it’s on sale for $620,000.  While I’ll never be able to afford to drive it, it’s pretty damn amazing that a working replica can be made available to a serious collector with a lot of cash to spare!  Here’s the original article here.


Now for something a bit more awesome.  If you’re a cosplayer, you’ve no doubt ran into some awesome cosplayers that look great, get all sorts of attention, but have you run into anything like this?


The man behind this little project, Anthony Le, told Popular Science how he built this version of the War Machine costume in time for the premiere of Iron Man 2.  Having been a huge fan of Iron Man since he was a kid, Le wanted to show his fandom when he heard about the production of the first Iron Man  movie in 2008.  The War Machine suit Le built features a motorized spinning gatling gun barrel, LED eyes, and a faceplate that opens up with a small servo motor!  Now once you install the Repulsor motors and make the gun shoot, come to me and we’ll talk financing!



Spotlight Photo 9.4.11

This pic is from EXPcon 2010 when I took part of a cosplay photoshoot with some friends. You may have seen this lovely girl during the costume contest. Either way, she looked really awesome!

Don’t Startle the Witch!
Aw crap…TOO LATE!

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