SLOTW – Watch as I spell your D.O.O.M.!

It’s no secret that DOOM is largely considered the godfather of the First Person Shooter genre of games.  Released in 1993 by id Software, it popularized and revolutionized this genre of gaming for generations to come.  As controversial as it was, it was also extremely popular.  But more than that, it also allowed customization in the form of custom maps, and even whole new game experiences!

On this edition of Sweet Links of the Week, we delve into one such custom mod for the Doom Engine!  Normally, I’d be writing this under Games to get addicted to, but I’ll explain later in this article.

Created by Logan MTM, Legacy of Suffering is a mod released in November 2009, and took the DOOM mod community by storm, eventually winning the Doomworld’s annual Cacoward for 2009.  The mod combines 3d modeling and textures and scenery that looks and feels borrowed from DOOM 3 (which in all retrospect, is more of a good thing) and the atmosphere is always creepy and sensual.

The sound design is per normal Doom fare, but there are a few awesome additions to make it worthy of play.  For one, it’s one to play through a dark corridor with nothing in the background.  It’s a whole new game when you’re trying to go down a dark corrodidor while you’re hearing demonic and ghostly noises that send shivers down your spine.  The weapon noises did get some changes but are more for the better.  Weapon sounds from DOOM 3 are borrowed for the Chaingun, Plasma gun, Chainsaw, and more!  I won’t spoil which weapons and what changes are in this mod exactly, but in the end, you’ll thank me for it, and you’ll enjoy it so much!

So where can you get this sweet mod?

Why download the mod from the mod team’s website from here!  But be sure to download GZDoom and SkullTag, which is required to play the game.

Happy Demon Killing!  See you next time!


S.L.O.T.W. – Epic Fanservice Poker Night!

So you’ve had a hard day at work, you feel like having a quiet night on the town, and you have no friends to accompany you.  What do you do?  Well why not tempt fate and go out for a quiet night of poker with familiar faces and make some new friends.

That’s what Telltale Games decided to give you with their new game (as well as our Sweet Link of the Week!), a smorgasbord of quiet, casual fun, combined with epic amounts of fan service all rolled into one!  Well what makes this game really sweet, you may ask?  Well it’s the cast of characters that join you at the poker table for some Texas Hold’ Em.  Max from the “Sam and Max Series” series, Strong Bad from, The Heavy from TF2, and Tycho Brae from Penny Arcade.  For someone like me, that’s a fan service explosion right off the bat!  4 great characters, whether from popular culture, or video games, get together and play poker against you!

But that’s not all that happens.  Telltale took it up a step further and included some great dialogue within the game!  You’ll hear some riduculous conversations between the characters, all of which stay in character even throughout the game!  Best of all, all the characters are voiced with the same voices as you remember them from all their games and cartoons!

As for gameplay… well yes it’s standard No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, but the game is driven and influenced by each character’s personalities and mannerisms.  This makes for some pretty epic and hillarious conversations between each other, as well as some VERY interesting game play!  I’ll look into writing a proper review for this game at a later point!

Oh yeah, speaking of which, someone might be wondering where you can get this game at?  Well you can get this fun little game for 5 bucks off of Steam!  And for all the character dialogue and poker, that’s a pretty amazing price!  And with it, you have the chance to unlock sweet items to use in TF2 as well!

And for those wanting to look before you touch, here’s our chap TotalBiscuit playing the game!

Part 1

Part 2

Till next time!


S.L.O.T.W. – New format, same awesomeness!

After much debate, and careful consideration (for all of 5 minutes), SLOTW will actually change it’s format!  Instead of  two or three links, we’ll instead focus on one single topic and provide you with some links in reference to that topic!  It’ll allow me to focus more on one topic instead of multiple ones.

So with that explained to you all, let’s get going to our Sweet Links of the Week!

Everyone likes to dance, right?  Getting down on the dance floor, getting your boogie on, shaking your b- okay you know what I’m saying.  And you’ve probably seen those music video full of choreographed dance moves that look either too complicated or too fast for you.  Well SLOTW features a group that is slowly becoming a favorite dance group for me!

World Order is a group fronted by Genki Sudo, essayist, actor, and retired successful MMA Fighter.  And if there’s any indication of his prowess on a dance floor, here’s his best fighting entrances. And with a 16-4 fight record, it looks like he certainly did have time for goofing off before a match!

After retiring from the ring, Sudo actually became involved in World Order, to which he actually writes the songs, as well as writes the choreography for their music videos (which is easily my favorite part of the group).

The formula World Order uses for their music videos is one of extreme close knit synchronization and precision as well as slow robot like movement…. again, all choreographed by Sudo himself.  This precision for a seven member group is nothing short of amazing, and I hope that Sudo and World Order continue their success!

Here are some of my favorite videos from World Order

Mind Shift

Space Walker

Boy Meets Girl

Kirby’s Corner – Games to get addicted to! – Minecraft

As I stroll through the internet, you get bored, and decide to stroll through the interwebs for something entertaining and to be very honest, addicting.  Something to take your mind off of the daily stresses of life, and suck you into another world altogether.  Well these are some of the many examples of  “Games to get addicted to!”

Our first game actually was introduced to me thanks to Camera Guy (and yes, he tries to follow me with the camera all the time…).   It’s an independent project from Mojang Specifications, and is not so much a game with a goal as it’s really supposed to be one of exploration and survival.  Minecraft is relatively simple choice for a game.  From the name itself, you can deduce that it’s about mining and crafting things.  Sure enough, that’s the game in a nutshell.  But what it offers is to be beheld in it’s true glory.  Minecraft is ADDICTING!  So addicting, in fact, that it’s actually taken away from my World of Warcraft time for the last month and a half!

What’s so addicting about it, you might ask?  Well for starters, you mine stone and minerals from the world that’s generated when you first start the game.  You take materials that you mine, chop, dig, or hunt for using only your wits, your searching skills, and a LOT of the time, just plain luck!  And you also have to deal with the natural rotation of your world (in other words, night and day!).

But it’s not truly fun and exciting if there’s no danger, right?  That’s why the game features dangers that can lurk around every hill or cavern you find!  From lava and water dangers, to dangerous creatures such as spiders and zombies!  Yes that’s right, zombies.  Oh, and exploding cactus thingies, too…   But c’mon, what if you don’t want to deal with spiders and zombies?  Maybe you just want to casually mine without all the dangers?  Well that’s fine, since the game’s difficulty can be changed from peaceful (no creatures) to hard, so you can choose what kind of game you want on a whim!

But what about the crafting part of Minecraft?  It’s quite robust, actually, and the game allow you to create all sorts of objects, like mine carts, ladders, body armor, even a shiny gold watch!  The possibiliites are quite vast, and what you can do with them is totally dependent on what your imagination can do with it!  You can even start forest fires… (Note: aniRAGE accepts NO responsibility for your pyromaniacal tendencies.)

So what do the graphics look like, you may ask?  Well the game’s graphics have an awesome 8-bit feel to them, as all the items are arranged in blocks, and it makes for simplistic, yet satisfyingly fun gameplay so there’s no issue of perfect placement to worry about.  Just set it and the game helps you out in the process.  The game is also very friendly with mods, as the game allows texture  and graphics addons, allowing for more detailed textures, including HD textures as well.  Even the game is still in the alpha testing phase, the game is fully operational.  You can even edit the look of your character as well!

So you’ve read this thinking “hmm, where do I get this?  How can I get my awesome hands on this game?  Well simply goto the Minecraft website and play it online or from your desktop (it runs on Java Platform, so no install needed.).  Now there’s a free “creative” version to try out some of the features, but it doesn’t come close to the full version which you would have to pay for (and it’s only 9 Euros too), but it does give you access to all future versions of the game for no extra charge.  So all in all, the value if you pay for it during the alpha is HUGE!

And as for those addons and other information?  Well there’s a wide variety of community website dedicated to the game, the best of which is the Minepedia, which has recipes, textures and more!

So go!  Get the game, join me, Camera Guy, and now our most recent victim of the addiction, Sibby!

Until next time!


S.L.O.T.W. – Hungry Edition!!! (Japan Flavored)

Welcome to a japanese food editon of SLOTW!

You may be all aware, we’re always munching on all kinds of food.  And one of my favorite kinds of food happens to come from Japan!  And THAT is exactly what this SLOTW’s is all about!

So to kick it off:

Say you have a craving for sushi, but can’t exactly find time to goto a restaurant or make one yourself?  Then grab a Sushi Popper for on the go snackage!   This sushi in a convenient package has pre-cut sushi in a tube that you push up like a push pop.  At the moment, Sushi Poppers comes in 3 different flavors, Cucumber, California, and Spicy Shrimp.  Craving for a taste?  Then feel free to order Sushi Poppers online!

So what happens when your friends at the mall, and you find yourself in the food court?  Of course, you have a lot to choose from.  From healthy food shops, to chicken sammiches.  But then something catches your eye…. something like Pizza on a cone! A restaurant in Japan actually makes cone shaped pizza that you eat like an ice cream cone!  No muss, no fuss, right?

And what would your day of eating be complete without something to wash it all down?  Well look no further than Wasabi Beer! The folk from Miyamoto beer have come up with Wasabi Beer, a spicy infused beer with a powerful Wasabi kick to it!

P.S.:  What good would dinner truly be without a date to accompany you?

That’s all for the SLOTW!  See you next time!


Anime XD Anime List

Before I list all the anime shown at EXPCon’s Anime XD, I want to take a bit of time to personally thank each and everyone of you guys for coming to all of our aniRAGE panels at EXPCon!  If it wasn’t for the support of fans such as yourselves, we wouldn’t continue to perform!  I take great joy in seeing people come to our panels, as the more people we see come to our shows, the more energy we feed off of you.

Now onto the list, as so many of you were asking about, as well as where you can buy the anime we saw, if not point you in the right direction!

Hare+Guu Deluxe – one of my favorite comedy series, this title is found on online anime retailers, such as RightStuf, and RACS, though the series is actually discontinued, so actual stock is limited.  However, if you want the full experience, I suggest you watch the original TV series version before watching Deluxe, as Deluxe is the OVA sequel to the original.

Puchi Evangelion – This series is actually not licensed in the U.S., and isn’t likely to be anytime soon.  Probably the only way you’ll be able to find this series is on the torrents, and I’m not about to directly link you to a download link.

Jungle de Ikou – this series is surprisingly also not hard to find, though stock may be limited with this series as well.  You can find it on RightStuf and RACS for about 25 bucks.

Mitsudomoe – My favorite of all the clips shown at EXPCon this year, this has not yet been licensed in the U.S. However, it’s available for streaming on Crunchyroll!

Sgt Frog – Of course, you could easily find this series in your local store that sells anime, as well as online retailers.  It’s the most recently licensed anime that’s on this list, so finding series, as well as season box sets shouldn’t be to hard to come by.

Hope you enjoy the list!


SLOTW – Revivals!

So sorry for the MORE than tardy edition of SLOTW!

I apologize for the long extended wait.  It’s been a tumultuous few weeks, so I’ve been needing to hammer down links this time.  Preparing for EXPCon AND ShadoCon can be hard work sometimes.

Well without further ado, here are this week’s links:

Jetpacks?  On my Spartans? – Since Halo: Reach came out this week, there has been a media blitz covering it’s launch… but apparently, the Britains had a bit of fun of their own with the launch?  Trafalgar Square + Jetpacks = SWEET!

Take a Ride on my lawn chair – MONSTER LAWN CHAIR!!!  And why yes, it DOES breathe fire!

and finally….

Sad, but inspiring story – well this is a different sort of sweet this week, but on a sad note.  One of the popular developers at Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) was hit by a car, and died.  But it’s truly sweet when you realize that he also saved his pregnant wife.  He swerved to take the full impact of the crash, saving his wife’s life.  David deserves a manly salute for his bravery.  I salute his bravery and compassion.

There’s a memorial fund setup for Brian.  If you wish to donate, please click here.

S.L.O.T.W. #3 – 3D Glasses not required!

Welcome back to another edition of SWEET LINKS OF THE WEEK!  This week features an all video edition of sweet links for you all to enjoy!   Some

Duke Nukem Eternity – It’s been heard all around the gaming community how  3D Realms finally shut down, taking Duke Nukem Forever down with it.  Well apparently some fans of the Duke himself decided to finish what 3D Realms started, and here’s some video of the fruits of their Labor (Warning:  Lotsa violence and some language.  Might not be good for kids.)  They even have links to where you can even play the game yourself!

Fun with Chemistry! – Being a sucker for hands on Chemistry growing up in school (even though I never took a class in it), I always like to search for sweet videos of stuff happening.  So happens that we have a compilation for ya right here!  From dangerous chemical reactions to a small project you can try yourself, the folks at DISCOVER Magazine have a special treat for you!  (aniRAGE is not responsible for you trying anything you see in this clip, but we do reserve the right to laugh at you if you do so.  Ha ha.)

And LAST, but not least.

Ye Olde Transformers – This may be at least a year old, but it’s still great.  Ever wonder if the Transformers came about 50 years too early?  This is what might have happened.
And that’s it for this all-video edition of S.L.O.T.W.  Tune in next time and have your wallets handy for an all you can buy edition!


S.L.O.T.W. #2 – Electric Boogaloo

Hey guys, Kirby here again, to bring you our next selections of our Sweet Links of the Week!  It’s been a long week for me, but I can say for sure that I’m as impressed with this week’s selection of links as you’ll hopefully be!

And now off to the links!

3-year old gaming future prodigy? – If I were this kid’s father, I’d also be proud!  Our first link of the week brings us a 3-year old gamer who not only freshly out of diapers, but freshly in the gamer chair, showing aniRAGE how much better he is than aniRAGE at Mirror’s Edge.  Stopping only to take juice breaks, we see little Finley’s little fingers working the mouse and keyboard, while dad watches and films on in amazement.  It’s even awesome to see him go around in circles occasionally.  It even impressed Kotaku enough to get him an article on the site, too!

Feeling destructive, ladies?  Awesome! – This link comes to us from a good friend and first time contributor, Eevee! *waves my thanks*  Have any of you ladies ever gotten the urge to destroy your boyfriend or husband’s favorite sports statue or helmet in a fit of rage?  Well apparently, the Chinese have figured out one unique way to quell this destructive urge!  And the best part is that it’s for the ladies only!  For a small fee, women can take a bat and swing at anything on display in the store for 1 minute (Well, almost anything… store employees and walls aren’t allowed…)!

And finally…

For the campfire nerd in a Galaxy, far far away… – watch this, and then watch this, and then laugh while you slowly pull out your credit card to order…

And that sadly concludes our S.L.O.T.W. second posting!  We’re always looking for more links to feature on S.L.O.T.W.  If you have an awesome link or item that you’d like to have featured, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email at and put in the subject, “Sweet links of the week!”

Till next time guys!



I’m proud to debut aniRAGE’s newest weekly feature for the website, Sweet Links of the Week!

This is our newest feature on the aniRAGE website, and I’m here to tell you all about what SLOTW is all about

These are small portion of some of the most fun, wacky, and cool things you can find on the internet.  From news stories, games, to even stuff you can buy, if it’s awesome, you can bet it’ll show up here on our Sweet-ass Links of the Week!

And to start us off, is something that’s… well a little mix between awesome story and awesome thing you can buy. (Warning: May upset young children and PeTA)

1.  Canned Unicorn Meat (And the hillarious controversy around it) – The awesome guys at ThinkGeek have been putting out awesome gadgetry and other sweet-ass stuff for a good long time.  But checking back to their site recently, I was floored by the sight of this item on the website that was released on April Fools day, causing me giggle fits for a good 10 minutes.  It was ingenious, stupid, and just plain weird all at the same time.  But it also got them a lot of attention for a particularly funny slogan “Unicorn – the new white meat.”  Well apparently the National Pork Board didn’t find it funny… the whole story can be found on ThinkGeek’s website.

2. Old Man GaGa – This video only goes to show that just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re the drag of the party.  In this instance, the complete opposite.  I’ve seen some old people dance before in my lifetime, but nothing like this.  This old man is so awesome, that he even has a couple of young whippersnappers to back him up.

And finally last… but not least for this week!

3.  Street Legal Lightcycle –  ….Holy crap… and you can buy one on Ebay… *grabby hands*

And that about does it for the debut of our newest feature here at aniRAGE!  Check back next friday as we bring you more Sweet Links of the Week!