Steampunk aniRAGE.

So with MetroCon on the way, we decided to get dressed up for the con!  And with the theme for MetroCon being “Steampunk” we decided to get dressed up for the occasion! Funny part is, we came up with this last night browsing through Home Depot.

The whole discussion came about when rick found a link to a video on how to make your own lightsaber.  I can’t remember the link, but I’ll find it for you later.  So apparently, after seeing images of Star Wars figurines online in a steampunk theme, he suddenly came up with the inspiration last night to make his own steampunk lightsaber and be a “Steampunk Jedi.”

So after rummaging through the Home Depot, and finding all the parts for his device, me and Dashi decide to join him in the fun.

So far, it looks like this:

Rick:  Steampunk Jedi
Kirby:  Steampunk Engineer (Mr. Fix-it)
Dashi: Steampunk Smuggler (ala Hans Solo)

Now all I have to do is find a jacket and suspenders for work pants and whatnot…


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