Spotlight Photo 9.11.11

That time of the week again!!! This week is a photo taken from Freecon! This was a shot of a cute lolita girl who had a pink and blond wig! She was adorable! Anyway, This is one of my favorite shots from that day. Hope you guys like it!

If you’re looking for wigs like hers, and other lolita styles, might we suggest the lolita section at

Want to see your photo here on Catch us at Shadocon, November 11th-13th in Tampa, Florida!

Upcoming aniRAGE Awesomeness.

Freecon is in the books! That’s right, after many hours of travel, and a fun day of running around like fools, aniRAGE rocked the house with our Whose Line is it aniRAGE? show! We debuted not just one, not two, but THREE new games at the show: Banned Letter, 1 3 5 Any, and Interrogation! We hope to have a video compilation of the performance up soon, and stay tuned for some great pictures not only from Megacon but Freecon as well!

Next up in the schedule is Anime Day Jacksonville! The Jax crew of aniRAGE is going to be making an appearance, hanging out with the con goers, passing out flyers and business cards, and snapping pictures! Of course, where there is aniRAGE there are cameras and camcorders, so you never know what is going to happen! Keep your eyes peeled for the guys in the aniRAGE shirts, you never know when you might find yourself on the net!

Of course, coming up in a few short months is Metrocon 2011. Zeke and Kayla have press badges, so they will be there to document the whole weekend with pictures and videos aplenty! Make sure to make it down to Tampa for what will surely be a great weekend. Our good friend Ashley Clark will be there with Fairytale Theater, and some awesome people we met at ShadoCon (Kara Edwards and Kyle Herbert) will be guests! And returning this year are Scott McNeil, Brad Swaile, KellyJane and TealPirate, Yaya Han, and more! Another two big guests coming are Crispin Freeman (I can still hear Kayla squealing in the background now) and Max Brooks (writer of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide, son of legendary Mel Brooks). It’s a great lineup, so make sure to look for aniRAGE!

We have some great stuff in the works for all of you, and we can’t wait to announce some excellent new projects! So stay tuned here at, and make sure to check us out on the web elsewhere at twitter(@aniragecomedy) and facebook(!


Free + Convention = An amazing trip

Goodness… WHAT A TRIP! Got back from Freecon early Sunday morning and decided to take the time to rest. However, now that I’m feeling rested, I just have to say what an absolutely FANTASTIC TIME we had while we were there! It was truely wonderful to see all the cosplayers and get to talk to people both new and old. There was so much going on! Everything from it’s free maid/butler cafe to it’s great panels and back around again to it’s dealers room/artist alley. Certainly, things were a bit small and the convention took place between two buildings, but it only served to get me pumped for whom or what I might find around the next bin. And, as an added bonus, there was a Japanese culture fair going on at THE SAME TIME in their second building, so there was many beautiful kimonos, Japanese crafts, Dancing/story telling, and a most WONDERFUL charity that was excepting donations to help the folks whom were hurt over in Japan by both the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown that (Thank God) they have just about under control.

I, also, saw alot of people I haven’t seen in a while. Alot, of which, were extremely friendly and made me feel like we hadn’t ever had to part ways. It was EXTREMELY GOOD to see everyone. So, with all of this awesome, what could we do for the con in return? Well, we ROCKED the convention by offering one heck of a great show! The audience particpation was high as well as the comedy and I don’t think there was ANYONE whom didn’t leave main events with a smile on their faces. So, in short, Freecon was/is an incredible convention that, we here at aniRAGE, will be looking forward to returning to and performing at again, next year! Till then, though, stay tuned as we will shortly have both video and pictures up from Freecon and watch for us to be at Metrocon, this year! Can’t WAIT to rock the show with the folks from Anime Belle. But, until next time, this is the monk: signing out!


It’s Thursday’s talk about a song called “Saturday”.

Good morning friends and faithful watchers of! Miroku here and I’m pretty certain that, by now, everyone has seen the trainwreck of a Music video that is “Friday” by Rebecca Black (great song, wasn’t it? -Insert heavy sarcasm.-). Well, as I was mandering around the internet, I discovered that ol’ Becca wasn’t the only one to take up the charge and sing about her favorite day. Another contender has thrown their hat in the ring. A young gentleman by the name of Brian Haner has recently released his own day inspired video. The title of which is “Saturday”. And, for your viewing pleasure, we here wanted to give you a chance to see a video that is not only just as good , but even greater then the homage that was payed by Ms. Black. So, without delay, I offer you all “Saturday”!

“Saturday” by Brian Harper

Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more great comedy, wacky videos, and all the other fantastic holabaloo you come to expect from us, here at… And, keep you’re eyes peeled. We’re starting our next tour on the Convention circuit with Freecon which will be taking place on April 8th-9th in Tallahasse. For more info check out Freecon for more info. Catch you guys later!


Freecon Weekend!

Greetings my loyal minions, it is your most favoritest Zeke here to remind you that this weekend, in the one and only Tallahassee, Florida, is our latest convention, Freecon! The bulk of the group shall be there Saturday, along with our good friends Animebelle, but Dashi and Sibby will be there Friday to rock the Friday night rave!

We have a great Whose Line is it aniRAGE? show lined up for you guys, with a whooping THREE new games to debut. It’s going to be a great weekend, and we hope to see you all there!


Hey everybody!

It’s me, again! I noticed it’s been a few since I last wrote anything, so I figured I’d just hop on and say,”Howdy!” Not much going on in my scene. Still goofing around with the folks from W.O.T.S. and just got done with a great pre-con practice for FreeCon (can’t wait till the guys post our practice runs of a new game we’re trying out). Also, my Fiancee has just picked out her wedding dress and has been bubbly about it ever since (That’s right! Everyone’s favorite monk IS set to be getting married this year. Sorry to have broken any of your hearts…).

That’s about the it of it, for me. I’m really looking forward to FreeCon and then to being able to see everyone at Metro, Exp, Shado, and every/any con/event we’ll be attending. So, watch out for us and for more awesome content here on the site! Catch you all later!


Upcoming aniRAGE Appearances!

Hey errbody (that’s hip-hop for “everybody”. I’ve been listening to way too much T-Pain and Lil Wayne, I’m afraid). The next few months have some great stuff in store!

We are about two weeks away from MegaCon 2011! Join Zeke and Kerby has they run amok at the convention, taking pictures, shooting some videos, and hanging out with our fellow con friends. No performances this time around, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be finding some fun stuff to do. Look out for us all three days!

Two weeks after that is Tallahassee’s own FreeCon 20011. We are bringing our Whose Line is it aniRAGE? show there, so make sure to check it out! Plus, we’ll be there with our good friends AnimeBelle and if you’ve ever been t one of her panels before, you’ll know it’ll be a blast.

In May is the newly announced Jacksonville Anime Day. Since it’s taking place in Jacksonville, I’m sure you’ll see us there in some form or fashion. Definitely stop by in the area and bring out your costumes for awesome pictures.

The very next month, we are proud to announce that we will be bringing out cameras to Metrocon 2011! Our own photographer Kayla (and Zeke, of course) have gained Press Badges, so we will be scouring the halls for the best cosplay around. And what would Metrocon be without Animebelle’s own Fairy Tale Theater! Make sure to come check out what will be a wonderful performance. We’ll have more info on this as time goes on, but definitely check out Animebelle’s site for up to date information!

This is going to be an awesome year, and I know that I can speak for all of us here in aniRAGE when we say we want to see all of you there!

Until next time,