Jacksonville: Change upon the wind…

I suppose that it is finally time for me to make this announcement. All of my comrades here in aniRAGE already know and quite a few people too, but now… I feel now is the time to reveal to everyone a secret I have been keeping for a short while. Truth is, come August 21st, 2010, I and Jennifer shall be moving to Jacksoville to live while I go back to school. I still intend to be apart of aniRAGE and still shall be at every show, but I will no longer be living in my current locale in Northwest florida.

I know it may come to some of you as a shock, but I’ve been needing to imbetter myself for quite a while… And, as aniRAGE has imbettered me in many aspects and being here (in PCB) having been the greatest of blessings ever… I can’t help but, to feel I am wasting some God given talent by just settling. To be honest, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but circumstances made it so that I choose the “easier” route over the one that would lead me through more heartache and untold experiences (both good and bad) out amongst the unknown.

To all of you whom support me, are supporting me, and have been supporting me… I thank you all and love you all very dearly. Everyone from here in aniRAGE and without. My family, my friends, and all of you! You are all very dear to me and I sincerely appreciate you all.

As I mentioned, I’m not leaving aniRAGE or going to be on hiatus… Just moving to another town to start my education afresh… I Sincerely love you all and hope that you will continue to keep in touch with me here and on my Facebook page. If you all need me or want to talk further, feel free to message me ^_^. Till then, I will catch you all later.. Gotta get packing ^_~. Much love!

~Jeshua (Miroku)