Return of the Kings!

After months of painstaking procrastination hard work, I, your Lord and Master, Zeke, have gotten the servers back up and working.  Things are still a bit shaky, but I’ll be trying my hardest not to let them go down for a couple months again.

What have we been up to in that time? Lots and lots of preparation for Khaotic Kon!  That’s right, this past weekend was yet another brand new con to the Florida con scene, and aniRAGE was there to kick it off in style!  We had three amazing panels, our aniRAGE Wrestle Rumble, aniRAGE Remembers: Saturday Morning Cartoons, and our marquee event, Whose Line is it aniRAGE!  We were very pleased with the turn out, and we thank everyone who came by to see us perform. 

The next few months will be light as far as cons go, but stay tuned for more great pictures, awesome videos, and compelling articles right here on!  We’re back, baby, and if I have any say in it, we won’t be going down any time soon!


aniRAGE just got a bit more Khaotic.

aniRAGE is proud to announce that they will be at Khaotic Kon!

Khaotic Kon is a brand new, first-year convention taking place in Tampa Florida. It will be at the Double Tree Hotel, and is taking place April 13 through 15. Definitely head over to their website for more information!

Current Guest Lineup:

  • aniRAGE (*fanfare*)
  • Chris Sabat
  • Todd Haberkorn
  • Team Four Star
  • Shadofax
  • Stephan Daniels
  • Crazy Random Happenstance
  • Ashley Clark
  • Heroes Alliance
  • Aya Knight
  • 91.8 The Fan
  • CosmoP Justy
  • Florida Blood Services

With so many great guests, you’ll definitely want to be at Khaotic Kon!